Some thoughts on rain

Here’s a video of a rainy day in New York City:

I wish it had kept raining today. I wanted to spend the day cocooned in the blue-gray half-light that fills my apartment on wet days. There’s something about the rhythm of the rain, the crescendo and decrescendo of storm clouds—with their lightning bolts, with their thunderclaps—passing that urges the words out of me. Instead I lay cocooned under blankets, spent another couple of years with Mrs. Woolf as she prodded The Waves from her pen onto the page onto the typewriter, as she fretted, as she admired herself in the praise of others only two sentences later to claim that she was unmoved by any of it. When someone gives me a compliment in front of a group of people, I find myself trying not to smile as if it’s somehow unseemly to bask for a moment in the light of admiration, as if just a soupcon of self-satisfaction is grievous sin. I, too, wait anxiously for the applause, the comments, the Facebook likes. Well, hasn’t anyone read this one? Was it awful? Are people bored already? Is this project too selfish, too uneven, too many things?

I did have a prick of understanding the other day when I thought to myself—ah, this blog is teaching me how to write again, how to shed the mannerisms I invoke when I write for work where I prefer not to write at all. What I mean is, at work, I prefer that those I interview tell the story in their own voices and my job is only to provide some scaffolding on which they can hang their stories, to ease the transition, or turn up the dimmer switch on those thoughts that need more light, need to be sharpened. It is my sensibility I suppose, but it is not my voice. Not my true voice. Not the voice I dream in, or in which I hear stories unfolding in my head. I come here and to my journal to find that voice again, say hello, bid it welcome for a chat, for a dance, for a spin up the coast. We are getting to know each other again, a first date after a long absence. We have not yet kissed but oh the yearning as we lean in toward each other, the electricity, the excitement, the inevitability…

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  1. I’ve been meaning to leave comments on your blog. I find a lot of your recent posts really thought provoking, and I’ve been enjoying them quite a lot.

    I was hoping for more rain too. To me, things (thoughts? ideas? inspiration?) seems closer when it rains, and I find it easy to be creative and/or contemplative. Rain is so satisfying!

    • Anika–Thank you so much for your comments. I think there is something isolating about rain—but not in a lonely way, but rather it brings that kind of solitude that is so full of possibility. And perhaps, too, it gives us a reason to stay inside and not attempt errands. And even though I’ve been at this artist thing for a while now, I find that I still often need permission to just be, to live in that still place where my creativity lives. p.s. I’m thinking maybe we can aim for March for our project. In February I need to focus entirely on my play, but by March my brain will be ready to play, play, play!

      • March should be good. I’m planning to start working through the book, “The Artist’s Way” in February, so hopefully that’ll get the creativity really going by March!

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