Some words on caves and wells

Yesterday morning I journaled for six pages, which is quite a lot for me. I usually push for three. I wrote about not wanting to write about losing weight in the middle of losing weight. I know it will help somebody eventually, but right now I think it might trigger a shame spiral. I also found myself thinking about how much hurt I’d eaten myself through and out of. Well, no, that not true. It’s more true to say how much hurt I’d buried deep deep deep with food. The whole time I was journaling that, I was thinking, no, no, I don’t want to go to this deep place. I don’t want to be sad. But it led to what I really want to share with you today, and the words I will cling to. I wrote

“I think it’s helpful to remember that [God’s] promised to never give us more than we can bear. We don’t usually know just how strong we are, what depths we have to us, but God knows. He knows not just our dark caves, but also the wells [that hold] our strength, our potential, our infinite capacities for light.”

I really loved this blog post from poet Kathleen Kirk today.
I want want want one of these wonderful flowers! (That’s my wonderful high school amiga Jen Graney O’Connor holding them by the way, and selling them in her shop.)

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