February To-Dos….

Christian Kane by Raven Underwood via Flickr

1. Stop stalking Mrs. Woolf.*

2. Finish next draft of The Pebble Blues and choose cast for April staged reading.

3. Do an exercise video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—preferably in the morning before work.

4. Attend one literary reading.

5. Attend one non-literary event.

6. Eat as close to a vegan diet as I possibly can. **

7. Apply for a passport.

8. Send out my New Year’s cards. ***

9. Finish a top secret sewing project I can’t actually name in case the person it’s for reads my blog.

9-1/2. Post something on the Paulette Beete writer fan page on Facebook every day.

10. Kiss Christian Kane.

* Ah, who am I kidding? I’m truly madly deeply gaga for Virginia.
** The disclaimer is to allow for the fact that my end-of-the-month trip to New York for my annual watch-the-Oscars weekend with S. might result in some very un-vegan shenanigans.
*** I know, I know, I’m SMH-ing too. Sigh…
**** Doing this in my mind totally counts!

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