What I’ve Done Today*

Editors Note: This is not a true and accurate photo of my bed on February 13, 2012. But still, I like this photograph.

1. Eaten a lot of almonds.

2. Read 87 pages of Hermione Lee’s biography of Virginia Woolf.

3. Downloaded the new episode of The Walking Dead, decided that Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead can’t live in my brain at the same time, watched neither.

4. Taken two long naps—one in my bed, one on the brown couch.

5. Eaten popcorn, the rest of the cheeseless pizza from last night, two slices of toast with peanut butter, and a cup of hot cocoa made with dark chocolate, spices, and soy milk mixed with water.

6. Written a blog post for the NEA.

7. Talked to my sister about the fact that The Hunger Games scares us because it’s not out of the realm of possibility that such a scenario could arise in the United States.

8.Looked up the word “menorrhagia,” then decided my head feels to dull to write a blog post about my fibroids and their side effects after all.

9. Wondered how early I can go bed so that I can wake up in the morning and have this dull,  disconnected, cotton-headed feeling be past.

10. Thought about the following quote from Hermione Lee’s biography of Virginia Woolf:

“Egotism is often the subject of the diary. [Virginia Woolf] is much concerned with how she writes it, and what it’s for. And its uses vary: it is a ‘barometer’ of her feelings, a storehouse for memories, a record of events and encounters, a practice-ground for writing, a commentary on work in progress, and a seative for agitation, anger, or apprehension.”

* I took a sick day today.

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  1. Love the pic! Afraid to read Hunger Games.

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