Blog Project Day 65: March on the Right and February on the Left….

So here are my plans for March….

1. Drink a glass of lukewarm or room temperature water with lemon every morning (3/5-4/5).

2. Finish next draft of The Pebble Blues. No, really, this time I mean it!

3. Exercise every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday if I refuse to honor the alarm on a telecommuting day).

4. Go sugar-free (3/6-4/6).

5. Write a hand-written letter.

6. Contact Dodie Kazanjian about an informational interview. (Yes, I do mean the Dodie Kazanjian from Vogue who used to work at NEA way long ago…)

7. Send out at least one poetry submission.

8. Buy a printer for home.

9. Make a spreadsheet for professional expenses.

10. Do something I’ve never done before.

And here’s how my plans for February turned out…

1. Stop stalking Mrs. Woolf. [I took a brief break from Mrs. Woolf to read the Hunger Games trilogy before diving into Hermione Lee’s biography. But then I was distracted by a trip to New York City and the urgent need to re-read Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country. But Mrs. Woolf and I are just temporarily estranged…really]

2. Finish next draft of The Pebble Blues and choose cast for April staged reading. [What’s The Pebble Blues? Sigh…]

3. Do an exercise video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—preferably in the morning before work. [I exercised at least twice nearly every week of February, and I even managed three days of exercise a couple of weeks.]

4. Attend one literary reading. [Does reading out loud to myself count?]

5. Attend one non-literary event. [Liz and I went to opening night of Forum Theatre’s The Language Archive. I also attended a performance of the Berlin Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall. Clearly I was an overachiever on this particular item.]

6. Eat as close to a vegan diet as I possibly can.  [See yesterday’s post for details.]

7. Apply for a passport. [Wait, when did I put that on the list?]

8. Send out my New Year’s cards. [Uhm, uh, sigh…]

9. Finish a top secret sewing project I can’t actually name in case the person it’s for reads my blog. [Really, did I do ANYTHING in February?]

9-1/2. Post something on the Paulette Beete writer fan page on Facebook every day.

10. Kiss Christian Kane. [You know what they say—if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. In your mind.]

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