Blog Project Day 66: Hanging out with my sister…



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    It’s been a rough few days. Yesterday it was confirmed that my Dad has advanced stomach cancer. We won’t know exactly what stage until after he has tests on Friday so I’ll be in a hospital in Maryland while he’s in one in New Jersey.I have more to say on the subject, and I will when I’ve processed it more. But for now, I’m just thinking about my sister and how we’d both be undone right now if we didn’t have each other. (Which is not to slight our brothers, but we didn’t really grow up with them so the relationship is slightly different.) So today’s post is an archival post from last March. The first on the left is a photo of me at 15, opening night of The Beautiful People, which I stage managed. I think Debbie’s 3 or 4 in the first photo on the right (you can see me reflected behind her.) On the bottom right, that’s my third grade school photo. I was somewhat devastated; I was sick the day before picture day so I didn’t know it was a regular clothes day. Back then, it completely sucked to wear your uniform on a day you didn’t have to. Debbie’s photo is also from a St. Clare’s picture day but I’m not sure which grade.

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