Blog Post Day 67: Too stressed to be blessed?*

There may not be much we can do to make stressful situations non-existent entirely, but we can think about how we manage them. It’s our life. We set the pace and the timeline, not STRESS. Which is the epiphany I had walking by the E Street Cinema this evening returning to work after getting a cup of decaf at Le Pain Quotidien (with almond milk, by the way, which was quite tasty). I checked the list of movies, and I thought, “Oh, since I’ll be staying late to finish the transcription I can go to a later movie if I want to.

Which is when I remembered that just because my to do list was growing exponentially, I didn’t have to let myself be miserable or stressed-out or any other un-zen words. I could choose instead to enjoy walking a bit in the warm moonlit night, browsing Anthropologie on my way to the Metro, and stopping at Whole Foods to pick up sushi for dinner. I could look forward to a tomorrow of writing and brainstorming and making connections and all those things that I enjoy doing. Looking at even the most challenging situations through a framework of joy, it seems, can most times be a really powerful antidote to stress.

 * For the record, I can’t stand the phrase, “too blessed to be stressed.” Stress is a normal part of life; have you read how many times David’s psalms are about being stressed out because Saul’s trying to kill him or there seems to be trouble in the kingdom? When someone says they’re “too blessed to be stressed,” it’s like they’re also saying “And you must seriously be on God’s fecal roster if you’re stressed-out cause the real Christians are walking on sunshine ALL THE TIME.” The real blessing is not a stree-free life (though that’s an awesome thing), it’s that we can choose manage our stress by calling on God who will remind us to go take a walk on the National Mall with a couple of friends because it’s a beautiful day out and you’re entitled to a lunch break…or something like that.

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