The best-laid plans…

So, who remembers when I used to be a blonde? Yeah, me neither.

Dear Friends:

I am working on a post about money that’s going to take a lot more brain power than I have right at this second. So please forgive me if I put that on hold for a while, and instead offer these five awesome things that I’ve read/seen this week. I hope you’ll get something out of them too.

1. Read this post by the Bloggess. And make sure to read the “Updated” at the end of the post. (And then feel free to read all her other blogs. But be prepared to laugh. A lot. And cry. And just marvel at the courage in this world. And utter madcappedness… in the very best sense of the word.)

2. Seth Godin ostensibly writes about marketing, but so many of his posts feel like life lessons to me. Like this one.

3. I really loved this essay by Patricia Hampl on F. Scott Fitzgerald, which I also posted on Facebook earlier this week.

4. Just browse it. You’re welcome.

5. I’m about halfway through this podcast with one of my heroes—Jen Bekman of 20× (and that’s saying something cause I’m not actually a podcast fan.)

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