Blog Post Day 74: Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I have a sock problem. And a stripes problem.

This week has been a great one for compliments at work on my smaller silhouette, including one colleague who said I looked “hot as hell” in a dress I was wearing, and another colleague who followed me back to my cubicle to ask how I was doing it. None of which stopped me from catching a glimpse of myself in the 6th floor ladies room mirror this morning and thinking, “Oh Lord, girl, you’re fat!”

I share this not to get encouragement or sympathy or compliments* but because I feel like I spend so much time writing about the “hooray” moments that the non-hooray moments should get equal time. Cause that’s the reality of it. I am trying to be better at celebrating the changes in my thinking that are driving my behavior and will lead to success, however, it’s important to acknowledge that those moments in which I feel utterly defeated and unable of meeting (and staying at) my goal bubble up too.

I guess my point is that it’s all part of it. The epiphanies and the moments of self-doubt. We can’t control either; all we can control is how we respond. So how’d I respond? I noted it in an, “Hmmm, that’s interesting that thought popped up” kind of way, and then I went back to my desk and harassed my boss dove back into the project I was working on. (And then after work, I enjoyed the heck out of finally buying some new pants in a smaller size and a top that’s a Petite!)

How do you handle those cloudy moments?

* By the way, don’t let me stop you from leaving many many compliments. I’m just saying…
** Michael Klein have many friends in common, but have never actually met. Which hasn’t kept him from being one of my favorite people on Facebook. Natch, I’m excited about his new blog! (BTW, there’s no corresponding asterisks in the post but it just felt weird not to add them, ya know?)

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