Blog Project Day 75: This did used to be America the beautiful, right?

I want to write something about the anti-Obama “Don’t re-nig in 2012” bumper sticker I shared on Facebook today, but I don’t really have the words. I know that racism is not only alive and well but also perpetuated in our beloved country. And I definitely know it’s not just a “Southern” thing. Racism exists in the “liberal” North and in the Southwest and in sunny L.A.; it just may not be as explicit. And let’s face it, I adore my friends who are not people of color, but just how many of them have friends of color besides me? (That’s a question I stopped asking because the answer was just too painful.) And it’s actually not just the racism that bothers me; there will always be close-minded fools among us. What bothers me is that this is someone’s contribution to the discourse around who should lead our country. (And it’s a contribution that they have no shame about brandishing about publicly.) Honestly, I’ve stopped listening with both ears because it’s too painful to listen to a discourse that has long ceased to be civil or based in fact or actually have anything to do with the American people. A discourse that is actually not even about politics. It’s not about big government versus small government. It’s not about keeping our people safe and employed and healthy. It’s not even about the fact that if China ever calls in its IOUs, we’re screwed. Our 2012 Presidential campaign is about hate, pure and simple. And I really, truly don’t know—other than crying out to God to have mercy on us as a people—what to do about how far we’ve fallen. Or maybe our mistake was in thinking that we’d ever progressed much past 1863 at all.


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  1. You are brave to say it: “Our 2012 Presidential campaign is about hate, pure and simple.” oh, it does seem so. Know that many ache with you, and I believe the ache will birth rumble, a collective rumble towards hope & opposition. Sooner than later would be good. xo

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