Blog Project Day 80: I think you should stop using that word because I don’t think it means what you think it means

On my way home I was drafting a post about the meaning of “home.” But a quick scan of Facebook, and I saw more about Trayvon Martin’s murder for which his confessed murderer still walks free and about Georgia wanting to make women carry babies who have died in the womb to term anyway, and then I remembered a story a friend told me today about a woman who, after hearing that her baby would live only a short time after its birth and be in incredible agony the whole time, decided to terminate the pregnancy* only to have to go through a gauntlet of state-mandated  invasive tests including an ultrasound in which the tech pointed out all the visible parts of her dying baby. In my e-mail box was a letter from my national union president saying that the newly proposed Republican budget gives an additional 10% tax break to the wealthy and slashes the pension funds of (TAX-PAYING!) federal workers. Did I mention the Rolling Stone story about the town in Wisconsin that had a “you can’t talk about homosexuality in school” policy, which meant that teachers—afraid to lose their jobs—just stood by and watched as students were bullied with homophobic slurs and it was only a mounting teen suicide toll that finally forced the school board to revisit its decision?

So it’s hard to write about “home” when there is mounting evidence that the home I knew, the country my parents came to for better lives, is slowly but surely crumbling away right before my eyes. I’d like to think that the collective howl of our outraged voices can right some wrongs but I grow less and less confident. Even if President Obama wins re-election, I think that may only slow but not entirely stop the downward spiral of our nation. So I ask you even if you’re not a news person to pay attention and spread the word so we, as a nation, can stop burying our heads in the sand. And I ask that even if you have no idea who your Congressperson is that the next time you see a plea to e-mail your representative and it’s for a cause that you believe in, that you do it. And I ask you, even if you’re not the praying type, to pray. Even if you can only say God bless America and truly mean it with the entire fiber of your being. And as the wonderful Bassey Ikpi always says, Hug someone and mean it.

*I don’t support abortion but I do support that God has given each and every one of us free will, which is one of the reasons why I am pro-choice.

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