Blog Project Day 92: Cooking with both hands

The theme of this weekend has been adventures in food. Yesterday I tried out the balsamic vinaigrette recipe from my new cookbook Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskovitz, and tonight for dinner I’ve just finished making Isa’s brussell sprouts and potato hash (which is delicious but only an occasional dish since it’ll require way too much cleaning of the Le Creuset). I also messed with a banana muffin substituting apple sauce for oil (which I’ve done before) and substituting almond milk for regular milk (yikes!). Those are coming out of the oven in about 3 minutes and I’m not quite sure what to expect.*

I’m not a natural born cook, and I wasn’t one of those women who learned from my mom. Both  my mom and my grandmother preferred that my sister and I were far from the kitchen when they were cooking. I think for both of them, it was the time of day when they felt they could have the most peace. In college I survived on the dining hall, but after college, I either hoped my roommate cooked, ate out, or—most of the time—survived on a diet of Walker’s shortbread and Coke if I was working at the theater or a giant cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a coffee roll if I was in rehearsal for a show. It wasn’t until I joined Weight Watchers for the first time when I lived in Chicago that I finally cracked the spine on a cookbook.

I’ll never be a gourmet cook but I have picked up enough tricks over the past decade that I can feed myself even without a cookbook nearby. And, of course, I love the adventure of trying a new recipe, especially since the rule in my home is that if it comes out like crap, it goes in the trash and you order a pizza!

When did you all learn to cook? Favorite recipes? And when are y’all coming over for dinner?

* The muffins are good. I cut down the amount of sugar, and I think I might use the full amount next time (3/4 cup) or add another banana. But they’re moist but not goopy, and don’t taste like “they’re good for you” at all. And for my Weight Watcher friends, I haven’t checked the points yet, but since the original recipe was about 5 points each, I’m guessing it’s about the same or slightly less with my substitutions.

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