Blog Project Day 102: A Poem About Other Things

“A Poem About Other Things”*

I have faith in God. I have faith in science. I have faith that as Jesus walked on water, I can walk the chasm between God and what this world wants to make of him.

Grief is the engine of my tongue, my tongue keeps faith with grief.

We all descend to the dead. We all learn the daily ritual of resurrection. The trouble is sewing up enough faith to come all the way back and mean it.

Even with my glasses on, things are always slightly askew.

I believe that Joseph isn’t mentioned at the crucifixion because God my father needed to send me a secret message about faith, about fathers.

In a borrowed bedroom, my brother searches his Bible for proof that Jesus was only a man.

I believe in God the Father, almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in caffeine. I believe in community. I believe in magic tricks.

When the preacher touched me, I fell back and back. I keep falling till someone catches me, and I am falling now, which is a type of faith I think.

*I’m fairly certain that this poem is nowhere near complete or as long as it may become. It’s bringing together (or it’s trying to bring together, to make sense of) several things I’ve been pondering since Good Friday night: why Joseph isn’t mentioned at the crucifixion in any of the accounts (as far as I remember), the diverse ways in which people use and interpret the word faith, the ways in which people try to prove God doesn’t exist, those moments of disconnection we all feel from God, the difficulties that may arise when trying to reconcile your earthly relationships with your heavenly ones

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