20 Clues to How Old I Am*

Eight-grade graduation from St. Clare’s RC School in Rosedale, Queens.

Reading this today started me on a trip down memory lane and I started thinking about all the references I make (or maybe don’t make) that are a sure sign of which generation I belong to. Just off the top of my head, in no particular order, here’s 20 bits of info that mark me as absolutely, positively, being [REDACTED] years-old.

1. I first knew Larry Hagman as Tony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie and Patrick Duffy as “the Man from Atlantis.”

2. No one used the phrase “land line” when I was growing up.

3. When I was in college, the only people who had cable lived in the mountains (it was invented for areas that couldn’t get clear broadcast signals), and I desperately wanted to work for Fox when I graduated.

4. Preferred styling tools included Aqua Net and Dippity Do.

5. All the hot boys in high school drove IROC-Zs.

6. Tuesday nights I watched Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley, and—if my mom wasn’t home—Three’s Company. (Saturdays were a bonanza of Love Boat and Fantasy Island.)

7. Among my choices for business classes in high school were typewriting and word processing.

8. My sports crush was Lee Mazilli. (I would’ve crushed on Bucky Dent too if he weren’t a darn Yankee!)

9. I know who both Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce are.

10. I had two posters of Tommy Howell on my wall along with Matt Dillon and John Stamos and countless others. I also had a super huge crush for a while on Rad Daly.

11. We snuck in home-popped popcorn to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (I still have no idea what that movie was about.)

12. The first R-rated movie I saw was Silent Screams. My Uncle Melvin took me.

13. I only stopped wearing slips every time I wore a skirt or dress a few years ago.

14. I once was horrendously late for a job interview because I couldn’t find 60 cents to take the T.

15. The summer we spent in Orlando, I had a huge crush on the wrestler Barry Windham.

16. The Q17A was the bus I took from Jamaica Avenue to my high school.

17. The full line-up of soaps on ABC when I was growing up was Ryan’s Hope, All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital, and Edge of Night.

18. There were no tampon commercials on TV.

19. When I moved up the road to  Brighton right after college, I shopped at Fresh Fields if I was too lazy to go down to the groceries on Harvard Ave.

20. As a kid I spent a lot of time in my room choreographing routines to the Star Wars soundtrack and dreamed of being on 3 Girls 3. I was also really fond of The Shields and Yarnell Show, especially when they played robots.

*Yes, yes, I know you all know how old I am cause I’m forever talking about it and Lord knows I don’t make a secret of my birthday, but won’t ya just play along for the sake of the blog?

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