Vacation…all I ever wanted



Here endeth my first week of vacation. Which seems a good as time as any to start up the blog again. Though I make no promises as to how long it will last. Haven’t quite figured out why it’s been so difficult to get back on the daily schedule since my Granny Eutrice died. I don’t think it’s grief but….

This is supposed to be, however, about vacation. Or in this case—a staycation. I had originally planned to go somewhere but the whole financial aspect was stressing me out a bit and I figured what’s the point of a vacation if the planning of it brings stress. Not to mention I have been to Trinidad this year and I also just had a lovely long weekend in Memphis. I mean, how can any vacation top checking a trip to Graceland off my bucket list?

So this week’s been about: having lunch with a new friend, having lunch with an old friend, seeing what asparagus looks like when it’s still growing out of the ground and eating berries straight from the tree, painting my bedroom wall Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle with a healthy dose of panic when the primer still bled through after the first two coats, eating hot fudge on my fro-yo from Fro-Yo, deciding that I absolutely need a Euro square pillow because it’s the kind of pillow that was on my bed at the Peabody and I loved it, sorting through my stacks of design books and bidding farewell to a fair number, starting to think about getting rid of art work I don’t love 1000 percent, filing away poems and stacks and stacks and stacks of papers that have been lying around for months now, saying goodbye to the lovely upholstered blue chair I found in the trash because after several months I still hadn’t cleaned it which seemed a sign that it wasn’t meant to live with me, discovering a new-to-me romance author (Jo Packham), scheming an end-of-next-week trip to Philadelphia with my friend S. who ties my sister for being my favorite person to wander around with, submitting my poetry manuscript to a literary press’ open reading period, watching season one episodes of Mad Men till the wee hours each night, renting movies from Redbox and keeping them for two days instead of one, hiding from the heat, cooking new things like grilled baby bok choy and chives with a mustard sauce, working my way to my long-neglected blogroll, reminding myself every day that I’m absolutely forbidden to check my work e-mail, wondering if I can grow up to marry Michael Fassbender, haunting Marshall’s near every day looking for a larger version of my espresso maker, drinking several espressos a day (mostly decaf with fat-free half-and-half and sometimes a spoonful of sugar), cursing the scale that refuses to go down and appreciating that my clothes are feeling looser regardless, and simply waking up each day ready to appreciate adventures big and small and miniscule whether or not I leave the house.

As for next week…

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