I’m just a woman in a pink dress….


Today I hit a fairly significant-to-me milepost at Weight Watchers. I had my first weigh-in under 190 pounds. It was 188.4 to be exact! Which was the perfect excuse to go to Anthropologie after work and buy a shirt (size small!) that I’d been eyeing for a few months even though it wasn’t as much on sale as I would’ve liked.*

I hadn’t planned to buy anything else but the dress** I’m wearing in the photo (and another skirt) caught my eye so I took them into the fitting room. The dress was a size 10 so I didn’t expect it to fit but I did think it would be fun to literally see how far I had to go before I could rock a size 10. Imagine my surprise when it fit! Imagine my further surprise when I realized it was a UK size 10, which made it a USA SIZE SIX!!!!!!

Here’s what I know: 1) I’m not a size 6. 2) Any savvy stylista who knows a thing or two about fit will no doubt have a range of sizes in her closet because the sizes on the label are somewhat arbirtrary if you compare them brand to brand. 3) This was a perfect storm of the style of this particular dress being a good fit for someone with my body type: narrow shoulders and wide hips. 4) This dress itself was a perfect storm of all those things that make it possible for a decidedly not size 6 woman to wear a decidedly size 6 dress with impunity: a fuller skirt with some soft wide pleats, a stiffer fabric, an empire waist, a sleeveless top with a relatively open back.

Here’s what I also know: That dress is a size 6 and I have photographic proof that I was comfortably in it. I also know that this is not something I could’ve boasted about just seven months ago, or back at the end of 2010 when I decided to try WW “one last time.” Which proves what it’s taken me way too long to realize: I’m not a woman who gives up. I’m a woman who persists. Which I have to say, is a really nice kind of woman to be.

*It was basically half-price but I kinda wanted them to take another $10 off so it could be $19.95…I’m just saying….
** Even though the dress was crazy on sale ($40!), I didn’t buy it because 1) I didn’t want to overspend given that I really really wanted the blouse and wasn’t quite sure if I loved the dress itself or the idea of fitting into the dress, and 2) it had quite a few scuff marks on the front and I wasn’t sure I loved it enough to deal with the whole dry cleaners thing, not to mention I’d also have to get the top altered. But if I’m still thinking about it in a few days, I’ll go back for it. Promise!

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  1. You rock Paulette!!!!

  2. Congratulations!! What a cute dress! All your reasons for not getting it are sound, but still, that is such an awesome milestone!

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