From the Archives*

originally posted 4/10/12

“Song for a Woman Who is Barren, or Forgetful”

I will never have children

I will never gobble them up to fill days of empty

I will never learn the ache or suck of them

I will not swaddle in their mouths as
they grow old and I grow wintry

I will not insist in them like grief or kiss
a bad taste into their mouths

I will never learn the bone and guilt of them

I will never forget their names nor lose them
in the murk and muck of my love

I will never impale them on the shifting landscape
of my face or hug them with my persistent desert

I will not make promises or keep promises or earn promises

I will not gallop through their nightmares,
part savior, part everything else

I will never have children, and my dear ones,
how you will rejoice
that you will never have me

*So you may be wandering why I’m playing the archives card only 12 days into the blog project. I’m in Charlotte visiting my sister and celebrating her 40th birthday. It’s been the worst of times (while making a left turn, we were hit by a speeding car. My sister’s car was totaled and it’s serious proof of God’s mercy that we survived the accident with only aches and bruises) and the best of times (a stunning dinner tonight complete with cocktails). I confess the emotional ups and downs have left me sans concentration, but I hope to be back with fresh work tomorrow. Till then…

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  1. This is incredible. Heart felt. Bitter sweet. Magnificent.

  2. Scary! I’m so glad you both are ok! Enjoy the rest of your visit. 🙂

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