20 Reasons Not to Write

It is raining
It is raining and the sound of the rain is prettier than the sound of fingers clack clacking computer keys
I have nothing to say
I have too much to say
I am too full of all that I have to say and empty of language with which to say it
The right words have not yet been invented
Even the right words would not be enough to hold all that is waiting to be said
It is raining and in another state my father lies dying
In another state my father lies dying and I check my wound for signs of infection
My wound hurts but still I must get up, I must sit down, I must sleep, I must brush my teeth
I keep forgetting everything I remember to say as I walk the long hallway
I walk the long hallway cause that’s what you do when you have a wound like mine
I do not know how to heal my father
My mother is watching American Idol and she is happy
I am watching my mother watch American Idol and I am happy
The girls are singing about heartbreak and heartbreak and heartbreak
I am not sure what my mother does while I walk the long hall
Every day my father asks how I am doing
Every day I am raining
Every day I check my wound

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  1. Hi Paulette, Continued get well wishes! I am so glad you are writing because you have so much to say. I have so much to say – a whole book that’s getting longer by the day. But I don’t write any more … can’t seem to break the writer’s block.

    • Hi Katja! I think writer’s block is not about writing; it’s about that we don’t like what we’re writing. so I would encourage you just to write, even if you’re just writing the phrase “jutta hipp” over and over again. If you stay at the page all through the frustration, eventually, the words show up. (and feel free to remind me I said this when I’m having my own bout of writers block!)

  2. Enjoyed the poem very much, Flowers. As I drift off to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

    -Peter from fojol.

    • Hello old friend! So lovely to see you pop up on the blog. Alas alack I’ve had to stay far away from the food trucks as I’m doing Weight Watchers but every once in a while someone tells me they just saw me on Food Channel talking about you guys! Hope all is super well! 🙂 P.

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