It Takes Extraordinary People to Keep the Ordinary Going

Another weekend of being well taken care of. Wonderful conversation and homemade lentil soup (and bread and salad and chocolate pecan cookies and a full bottle of maple syrup balsamic vinaigrette!) from J, and L stopped by on her way to the theater to bring me my favorite British shelter magazine (Living, Etc.) M came for tea and then she kidnapped my laundry, made my bed, sorted and put out the garbage and the recyclables and scrubbed the bathroom. So odd to stand there and watch while she worked, feeling both grateful and guilty. Though I knew I’d end up in a world of pain were I to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the tub and though I knew M was cheerfully and willingly playing housekeeper, I was uneasy with the lady-of-the-manor role.

L was back again this morning for breakfast and then a spending spree in Whole Foods where I splurged on flowers, fancy hot chocolate, and a bag of mini oranges that I’ve forgotten the name of. It was funny to have to ask for her help in getting the bananas down cause I couldn’t do my usual stretch way up to get them, and she lugged the bulging bags of groceries to the car and up to my apartment where she speedily put them away. Then I played lady-of-the-manor again while L. showed off her newly acquired knife skills peeling and slicing sweet potatoes so I could try a new crock pot recipe for smashed sweet potatoes and cranberries. (Did I mention that M was the one who had to get the crock pot down for me yesterday?) I spent most of the rest of the afternoon on the couch yawning (and watching Rosemary and Thyme), which was a bit surprising as I thought I had already regained quite a bit of stamina.(I couldn’t take a nap as it seemed that every one of the building’s children was out in the hallway having relay races.) I’m a little nervous about going back to work in a week and utterly thankful that for the first few weeks back I’ll only have to commute with my laptop from the bedroom to the couch. I’m not quite ready for Metro yet.

On Saturday evening J and I talked a lot about everyday friends. How, once you hit your 40s, it’s harder and harder to start over, to make those friends who will take a day off to take you to the doctor, or get your groceries, or rearrange your freezer. who’ll look out for you and make sure you’re still following all the “after major surgery” guidelines when your inner three-year-old starts chafing against all of the restrictions.

What I want most right now is to get back to ordinary life. And what I’m realizing is that I have a wonderful community who are ready to step in and keep “ordinary” going until I’m ready to stand on my tippy toes again. And for that, I’m extraordinarily grateful.


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  1. You are most fortunate. While I wonder if my ailments are healed, I can’t bring myself to ask for assistance. Be well.

    • I’ve worked very hard on allowing myself to ask for help. It’s always scary when someone might say no, but it also helps you figure out those people in your life who are happy to say yes. Be well Nancy!

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