Wish List

the perfect opening line no matter the situation or the person I’m trying to talk to
a map and correct bus fare to get to Stars Hollow
a magic carpet that’s set for Nashville or Bust!
a hot air balloon for my daily commute
Fassbender’s phone number
James Franco’s email address
the desire to practice, practice, practice
ice cream
a green thumb
flowers from my beloved who knows I don’t like roses
Mrs. Woolf’s actual diaries
some other small keepsake to remember Mrs. Woolf by
Marilyn’s true story
a working Magic 8 Ball
a nickel for every time I type “Sigh…”
Cheryl Strayed’s phone number for when I just need to talk things over
all of Joni Mitchell’s records, and I do mean records
the perfect red lipstick
the urge to wear the perfect red lipstick everyday
self-grooming eyebrows
the smile I used to have before that dentist messed with my wisdom teeth
the ability to forgive quickly and forever
blank spots around the moments that are painful to remember
a time machine that only gets you to days that are joyful and/or sublime
the key to Kehinde Wiley’s studio
the key to Jack White’s record collection
the key to George Clooney’s liquor cabinet
persistent optimism no matter the darkness
persistent gratitude
persistence, persistence, persistence

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  1. Great list. Almost makes me want to practice, practice, practice the piano. But, instead, I think I will go play some showtunes!!

  2. Dr. Joseph Chaiwhan Kim

    You’ll also need the key to George Clooney’s house.

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