What I Read Today

I think one reason I love my job so much is that so much of it is reading, which is what I’d rather be doing a lot of the time anyway. I ingest a lot of content each day. A great deal of it I skim, just to make sure it’s SFW before I pass it on to our followers. There are also other longer pieces that I consign to Instapaper (though I confess I have yet to actually go to Instapaper and read them but that’s a post for another time). But there are still a handful or two that I stop to read then and there, or that I keep in an open window—sometimes for days—until I have made time to read them. About 60-70 percent of the things I read I find through work-related channels. Everything else is through my personal social media platforms and a bunch of daily e-mails I’m subscribed to. Most of it is full-out text, though a few slideshows sneak into the mix.

Here’s what I stopped to read today from about 9am to 9pm. (Full disclosure: I read one piece on Huffington Post about a sex crime that I thought was to heinous to include. Some stuff you just can’t unread.)

p.s. I’ve started posting some of the Artist Talks I read and other interesting articles to Pinterest. You can find me here.

For Louis C.K. the joke’s on him” from New York Times Arts

The Artist’s Hierarchy of Needs” from Hyperallergic

The Daily Skimm for April 4th

Remembering the Affairs to Remember” from New York Times

“Eating Tissues: Ex-Vogue Editor Reveals Models’ Skinny Secrets” from Yahoo.com

Vancouver actor Jason Priestley returns to first love, theatre” from The Vancouver Sun

“Does anyone here speak art and tech?” from New York Times

Jewelry to Buy and Never Take Off Again from Refinery 29

How To Make Friends in a New City from Apartment Therapy

Talking Mad Men from New York Times

Famous Art Reimagined As Snacks from Huffington Post

A Hybrid Trapped: On Being a Writer in the Classroom from The Millions

I do not fear death from Salon

An artist’s life in Paris from Apartment Therapy

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Tradition from Art.sy

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