Writing About My Body, Day 2

10 True Things About My Body

1. I am fat.

2. I was never allowed to cut my hair as a child. In freshman year of college I asked a girl named Janet who lived on my floor to cut my hair in the bathroom. My mother came for a rare visit and said, “Who told you you could cut your hair?”

3. The first time I lost weight, Sonia said to me about M, the boy I like, “He was just checking out your ass.”

4. I have flat feet. I cannot wear heels as there is no bend to my foot, the geography of my feet do not lend themselves to that tricky balancing of ball of one’s foot with one’s heel. I cannot stand for a long time and the soles of my feet hurt nearly immediately when I walk long distances. I have learned to walk long distances with throbbing soles.

5. A physical therapist once told me that when I walk, one foot always drifts over to the wrong side of my central axis.

6. My sister says my breasts sagged early because I didn’t like to wear a bra when I was a teenager. I was in my 30s before I learned that some woman just have breasts that sag; I didn’t ruin my breasts.

7. I insisted they keep my uterus no matter how many cuts they had to make to excise the tumors that had colonized it. Now I wait each month for my uterus to have outlived its usefulness.

8. I rarely have acne. That is, I have acne only when I’m hormonal. I knew a woman once whose face bloomed with acne when she was pregnant. I may never fruit in that way.

9. You cannot have an ass like mine and expect not to take up any room, yet…

10. I have had many ultrasounds, the cold gel squirted onto my belly, the metal kiss of the instrument, like a boy forcing a French kiss. I have never been pregnant.

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  1. Danna Ephland

    ok. this one made me sad, though I do love the one about taking up room. xo

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