Open Letter to Joni Mitchell, Day 5: Cloudwatching


For the last couple of days I’ve been fighting a cold, which seems to be trying its darnedest to turn into bronchitis. (Editor’s Note: Not today, Satan, not today!) From my preferred end of the blue couch, I have a near perfect view of the skyscape. Some days it’s relentlessly the same, but today I’ve watched it change from a pale blue lightly marbled with clouds to a vibrant blue with a sea of clouds and their calves to the sunset sky which has gathered dark wisps of clouds at the horizon line.

Before my battles with the plague started—or more accurately, before I realized the reason I kept falling dead asleep around 5 each evening was because I was battling the plague—I’d spent most of the last two weeks giving my apartment a design refresh. I set up a desk area using the desk that was previously holding up my TV, and moved a long bench into the desk’s former spot, freeing up enough wall space to start creating an art wall. I bought a couple of packs of gold bulldog clips to hang some of the art, and a couple frames and a sale lamp from Urban Outfitters for my desk, but for the most part, I executed the new living room and “office” design using furniture and art I already owned.

So what do these two things have to do with each other? In the case of the clouds, it’s occurring to me that the various skyscapes I see from my window are basically made of the same stuff—sky and clouds, or if you want to be more exact, water and the various gases that comprise our atmosphere. Yet, using pretty much the same tools every time, the sky constantly changes its face several times a day, often to jaw-dropping effect. In the same way, the various things that are physically in my apartment, the objects that make up the landscape of my apartment, haven’t changed all that much. I’ve just made small tweaks to their placement in order to effect a fairly significant change that has reinvigorated my home.

Which has me thinking about reinvigorating my life, and that I most likely already have everything I need in terms of skills and talent and network. I just have to figure out a new configuration for all the assets I already have, starting with the way I think about them and how I fit them all together. To be continued…


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  1. I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now…

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