Letter from My 48th Year (Jan 12)

Based solely on my journal, today has been a productive day. I’ve finished organizing my jewelry, I’ve moved the small glass shelving unit out of my closet to use as a new and improved bedside table, I’ve written several poems, and generally been a credit to the long line of industrious women who have come before me.

Based solely on reality, my greatest achievement today has been eating 75% of a giant bag of kettle corn purchased at TJ Maxx where I went to buy more thank you cards (though I haven’t actually written any thank yous using the box I already have) and to sniff hand soap for roughly 20 minutes because my current bottle is about to run out. (I settled on something called “Beach,” which doesn’t really smell like the beach, but neither does it smell like lavender, rose, sickly sweet vanilla, or anything else that makes my nose throw up a little in its mouth.)

It’s been my favorite type of day today—rainy and warm. When it feels like spring and you can say Pish posh to that whole winter thing. (Oh, Friday, what a liar you are!) Well, it was my favorite type of day until the sun ruined everything by setting way too early when I wasn’t paying attention because I was finally watching the last episode of series 2 of the crown. Sigh.

Oh, today I also had a short conversation on Twitter with a British romance writer I quite like about cuss words. As one does. And I feverishly searched the make-up aisle in the drug store for the L’Oreal lipstick that’s caught my eye now in two different ads over the past few months, which means I should buy it because I just don’t have enough lipstick. To last the rest of my life, I mean. I mean I have enough to get through the next two or three years, but I’m trying to get better at long-term planning.

Tonight I will eat pizza. (Yes, Debbie, I did just order from Manny and Olga’s.) And watch The Big Sick. Or some movie where things go boom a lot. Or yet another British crime serial.

Tomorrow I will possibly do all those things I had planned to do today. Possibly.

Oh, and I might take down the Christmas tree this weekend too though—as there are still Christmas trees blazing aplenty in the apartment windows across the way—maybe that’s not as urgent as I think. Though I do miss sitting in the particular window currently inhabited by the Christmas tree (though I have a perfectly lovely sitting area in the double window space just a few feet away) so maybe that’ll be enough to propel me into doing.

Or maybe I’ll just eat the rest of the bag of kettle corn.

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