Letter From My 48th Year (Jan 18)

I’m writing this with a mild headache. It’s hard to tell if it’s because I’ve truly been caffeine-free today or because the weather is wreaking havoc on my sinuses. It could also be stress, I imagine, given that I may be laid off tomorrow at midnight for an unknown length of time.

I figure I have a choice: Trust God (has got my back and somehow my finances will work out even if the government shuts down) or don’t trust God. I can make myself crazy with worry, or I can count my blessings (which at this moment include a Visa check card,, an Amazon gift card, a small amount in my savings account, food in the fridge and the pantry, heat, hot water, and an unopened bottle of Prosecco, among other things useful for being on furlough.) And I also get to go to the diner for breakfast tomorrow.

And yes, if I really do get furloughed, and if say, sometime next week, I start worrying my head off, you are absolutely allowed—and encouraged—to remind me that I made the choice to trust God. Full stop.


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