Letter From My 48th Year (Jan 21)

Today was a get up, eat breakfast, go back to sleep, wake up and spend the rest of the day in the pink bathrobe on the blue couch sort of day. They arrive every once in a while; I’m not quite sure why. I suspect it’s something to do with how much I take in and that I just get full up sometimes—with news, with social interaction, with processing what ever I’m processing in my creative writing, and so despite whatever plans I may have had for the day, I simply shut down. Though I feel like I’ll never have energy to do much of anything ever again, I do know myself well enough now that I know I’ll be back to normal tomorrow—counting steps, wondering when I developed such a deep abiding love for Hercules Poirot (as played by David Suchet), wondering how I can sneak a donut or two into my healthy eating plan.

Speaking of tomorrow, apparently Congress is voting around 1 am to see if I’m going to work tomorrow simply to put an “out of office thanks to lapsed appropriations” message on my e-mail and then turn off my computer, or if it’ll be a regular old day. I don’t know if this is a popular opinion, but I’d rather be out of work for a week or so and get a complete budget for the fiscal year than to get an extension only to have to watch Congress play chicken again in another few weeks. And maybe another few weeks after that. And so on and so on… It is not as much fun as one would think having Congress’ failure to pass a budget hang over one’s livelihood like the sword of Damocles. It’s also terrible for morale. And honestly, it’s annoying as all hell that I have to do my job, and they don’t. Sigh…



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