Letter From My 48th Year (Mar 2)

It’s been a glorious day and yet I’ve been somewhat unsettled all day. Despite a frigate of clouds, the sun outshone itself, yet throughout the day the wind howled like a banshee and there were so many ominous bumps and thuds as it hurled things around. This weather is supposed to last till tomorrow morning and judging by the way the wind kept waking me up last night, I suspect it’ll be another bumpy night.

Still there were poems written and four packs of submissions sent out, including a set of poems written collaboratively with Jen Rouse. So a good day’s work. Now to sprawl on Big Blue and watch the Murdock Mysteries, eternally grateful that thus far the power and Internet have both lasted.

I wish I had something more transformative to tell you, something revelatory, something earth shattering, but really, this poem-ing thing is hard work and I’m plum out of words.

Allow me please to leave you with this:

Two Prose Poems by Rachel Feder

Oscar Isaac Dancing

Michael B. Jordan Being the Cutest Dang Nerd Ever with Lupita and Chadwick


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