Letter from My 48th Year (May 22)

I fired up Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused (HSC) podcast with Dan Stevens on my way home and since then have sort of been wandering around my apartment making dinner (peanut butter toast), putting away the wares in the dishwasher, washing some other dishes, reading tweets by Chris Evans, updating my Twitter profile, browsing Joshua Jackson’s IMDB page, pondering if I want to rewatch Fringe since I never saw the whole run, and other assorted shenanigans while wearing my big blue wireless headphones and just loading up HSC episode after HSC episode, including—after Dan Stevens—Michael Shannon, the Russo Brothers (well, that was only half an episode, as I’d already heard the first half), and Joshua Jackson. (BTW, what I now know after all that listening is that I’d really like to get a drink with Dan Stevens and Michael Shannon–though not at the same time–and I desperately need to make out with Joshua Jackson.)

Sure, none of that sounds like writing but come on I just gave you one helluva near paragraph-long sentence so that’s gotta count for something.

After writing last night, I did actually make a title page for my manuscript–titled Falling Still, at least for now, and cut and paste a revised draft of the title poem into said manuscript, so progress is being made. I am, however, on deadline for a longer magazine piece at work so I will probably not work on the book again till this weekend, which is probably a-ok.

Listing the reasons for not working on the book yesterday, I neglected to add that late March through April was horribly busy at work with a lot of content to create for three events on top of my usual daily work. Despite the fact that I was writing my fanny off every day at work, I spent a great deal of time beating myself up for not working on the book at night though if anyone else had told me how busy they were I would have told them to give themselves a break. It’s interesting that though I know I have the tendency to be unnecessarily hard on myself, I still haven’t quite learned to recognize that behavior and nip it in the bud. I suppose all of life’s a learning curve, isn’t it?

Oh by the by, I probably won’t blog tomorrow because one of my dearest friends is going to be in town and I’ll be out to dinner with her and some of the gals. But we’ll see..

Til then, arriverderci!

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