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Stuff I Like (3.21.10)

Shut up and sit down! Can’t quite decide if I like this sofa or if it would feel like I was sitting in a tub of macaroni and cheese . . . though maybe that’s not a bad thing. (via AM on the Present Tense)

Letter Have It! Ever since I read that Colette wrote all of her correspondence, not to mention many novels and nonfictions, on a particular shade of blue paper, I’ve been periodically obsessed with finding the right “signature” paper and/or letterhead. I’m still looking, but maybe the search will ge a little easier now that a nice man has started Tumblng a collection of stationery from the famous and used-to-be famous over at Letterheady. (via Cool Hunting)

Lead the sunshine in. What is it that is so deeply satisfying about writing with a well-sharpened pencil? And what is it that is so deeply satisfying about this simply gorgeous picture of pencil sharpeners? (If you have time, or when you have time, take a stroll through the nearly three months worth of collections that Lisa Congdon has either photographed or drawn thus far? I have one word for you: genius.) (via A Collection a Day)

Liner Note. I love the simple graphic detail of the line that seams these beautiful milk bottle-ish vases from Taylor Ceramics on Etsy. And at only $14 a pop, I encourage you to love them too. They’re beautiful enough to stand on their own, even without flowers, and simple enough to work with just about any decor. In other words: swoon. (via aesthetic outburst)

Go Ahead, Make My Day! Or at least, let the world know about someone who just made your day. This has got to be the sweetest site on the interet. I encourage you to visit it often, to share your own random bits of kindnesses or when you need to remember that yes, there is still kindness in the world.  And how! (via Carrying On)

Hitting the Links (2/23/10)

Dreamscape. These dreamy paintings by Brooks Shane Salzwedal made me exclaim out loud. Not quite sure what it is   . . . the moody color palette, the delicacy of the botanical elements, or the fact that they perfectly capture that feeling of being perfectly grounded yet feeling anchored no place at all. Or maybe this is one of those cases where I don’t know why these works work on me, they just do. (via aesthetic outburst)

Picture Perfect. I’m loving these nostalgic but not treacly photos by Andrea, which you can get your hands on in her Etsy shop Hula 70. I love the saturated colors, and, especially with the polaroids, the way the photos looked as if they’ve been ripped from a vintage magazine. My especial faves are “Cigar boxes” and “Plink plink.” (via creature comforts)

Voila! Click here to oooh and aaah just like I did over this Paris apartment. Mon dieu people, it’s a Paris apartment—do I really need to say more than that?!? (via design*sponge)

Oh, yes please. You did just ask me if I wanted you to get me a ticket to Australia lickety split so I could check out this magnificent house in person, right? I mean, I’m all aswoon over the exposed cords of the pendant lamps which form such lovely aerial loops and I’m agog over that absolutely fantatstic clawfoot tub sitting right smack in the middle of the bathroom. Oh pretty Australia house, I so heart you! (via A Cup of Jo)

I’d love to come up, thanks. Uhm, my NYC aerie (by which I mean my childhood bedroom with the pink walls, black and red carpeting, and Scooby Doo sheets) didn’t quite look like this. I am always quite envious of any space that has windows chock full of light just begging for plants. Some day, sigh . . . (via design*sponge)

Spoiler alert! If you’ve given  up chocolate for Lent, don’t click here. No, for realz! I mean it! Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you! (via the selby)

Next stop, Chelsea. More fabulous apartmentage from NYC. I love that this place is chockfull o’ treasures and is wonderfully messy. My favorite moments are the window ledge of plants, the fireplace and mantel, and the cute kid. (via the selby)

Is it Spring yet? I confess that I have braved neither cold nor snow (nor the dang alarm clock) during any of these winter Saturdays in order to see if the Silver Spring winter market has, in fact, been alive and well. Thank goodness for this lovely series from the selby to give me my farmers market fix. (And point of order: why don’t we have any gorgeous chefs wandering our market . . . who are hopefully single and looking for a nice, Christian, part-time blogger/full-time public servant to take home with their vegetables? I’m just saying . . . ) (via the selby)

Hitting the Links (2/6/10)

Better Plate Than Never. I love these beautifully reworked vintage plates by artist Caroline Lotte, especially the Under Blue Skies series. Talk about upcycling! (via dear ada)

Knock, Knock. Sadly, if they invited me over here, I’d never leave. There are just way too many treasures to be ogled over. I love the white floors, and the way they reflect the light. And books, books, books everywhere. (via design*sponge)

Be a Wino or Just Drink Like One. “Frugal” and “fine dining” don’t have to be mutually exclusive if you follow these tips from my new favorite financial advisors over at Learn Vest. Drink up darlings!

Change of Address? It’s becoming more and more clear that I will have to move to Sweden to find my perfect house and perfect husband. Sigh . . . . Uhm, I’d better start saving for my head-to-toe North Face wardrobe pronto! (via dos family)

Who’s There? The only thing missing from these lovely photos of photographer Susan Tuttle’s home is me, curled up in a corner of her kitchen, with a gigantic cup of coffee, drinking in all the loveliness.  Sigh . . . .

Craftastic. Projects like this make me wish I was craftastic . . .or that at least I knew someone with some  power tools. Actually, with these directions, even I could probably whip up this folding screen, which would make a groovy room divider or perk up a dull corner in addition to covering an unwanted window. If anyone takes the plunge, please send pix! (via Little Green Notebook)

Oh, sweetie. My fave kinds of crafts are the easy peasy ones that me me look totes brill. Like this recipe for infused sugars that’ll make your friends ooh, aah, while you coyly reply, “Aw shucks, was nothing at all. . . I’m just naturally genius, I guess.” (via design*sponge)

Hitting the Links (2/1/10)

“Through the Snow at Dusk” (Charlotte, North Carolina, January 29, 2010)

Pretty as a Postcard. I love this series of street scenes by illustrator Lehel Kovacs. Each view is based on a Google Map street view. The colors remind me of hand-colored vintage postcards, and the lettering has a mid-century feel to me. It doesn’t look like any of the street views are for sale, but you can check out buyable prints—like the cheeky (pun intended) beach volleyball diptych—in his online shop. (via Cool Hunting)

Flower Power. I’m loving these paintings by Australian artist John Baird. His use of color and pattern feels both formalized and “visionary”  to me. Sort of like when someone writes a sonnet that hues more to vernacular than heightened language. By which I mean, buy me one, okay? Preferably Elsie, Flora, or Gertrude. (via dear ada)

Get it Together. I’ve been really enjoying this collection-a-day blog by the artist Lisa Congdon. I love that she’s documenting her collections both real and imaginary. It’s interesting not just to see Lisa’s trove of treasures, but also to see how people react to them. Today’s grouping of owls, for example, reminded me of watching Mr. Rogers. It also made me start to ponder why owls have had such resonance for me lately. A search for wisdom perhaps? As a side note, Lisa also had a folk-arty/60s-ish print on 20 x the other day.

Tea Off. Just because the kitchen is a place of eminent practicality, it doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too. I love these graphic tea towels by studiopatro. They’re a little pricy, until you consider that they might just help put a smile on your face when you have to tackle a sink full of dishes or wipe down the counter after a near-fatal food processor accident. Not to mention they make a heckuva housewarming giftie.  I’m partial to the Fig/Fern and Facade patterns myself. (via Fine Little Day)

Great Scots! I love this sneak peek into the home of Rosie Brown, mother of Verity Belle (sweet!) and proprietrix of Papa Stour, one of my wish list stores. I love all the commissioned artisan work in their house, especially the driftwood shelf and the backsplash behind the sink in the bathroom. Anyone up for a quick jaunt to Scotland with me in August? (via design*sponge)

For the Heart of Art. I’m loving these abstract-ish paintings by Tyson Anthony Roberts. They feel like a contemporary take on paint-by-numbers, in which each shape is broken into color blocks. I also love the elongated ovals that Roberts uses as “building blocks.” They remind me of the wee plug-in lites from the Lite Brite sets of my  kidhood. (And yes, now the jingle is stuck in my head: Lite Brite, making things with liiiggghte, Lite Brite . . . ). Lucky for you, Messr. Roberts also has been a featured artist on 20× recently so you can spend some pennies on “The Garden,” which I read as a riff on Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.” (via Aesthetic Outburst)

Art Works. As both artist and collector, it warms my cockles to know just how many visual artists are selling editions to raise money for the relief efforts in Haiti. Here’s a link to an auction on Flickr that’ll be taking place until February 14th. With more than 155 images up for grabs to date, you’re sure to find something that can grace your walls as well as advance grace to Haiti. And if you’re a photographer—amateur or otherwise—consider joining the group pool. You’ve got nothing to lose and the potential to give a whole lot. (via 20×200 blog)

Hitting the Links (1/22/10)

Photo by Irene on Flickr “La Parisienne “(via Sacred Lotus Photography)

Say cheese! Actually, say “gorgeous!” is more like it when you’re perusing an Etsy shop’s worth of work by Alicia Bock. “hop, skip, jump” + “pendant” + “dwelling” particularly enraptured my eye. And I’m halfway considering giving Wallace & Grommit 2010 the boot in favor of Alicia’s 2010 Polaroids calendar. (via high street market)

Fashion Plate. How can I not be gaga for an illustrator who describes her blog Looks Good To Me as ” a blog about things that I like, find inspiring, make me smile and want to see more of.” She had me even more at “Everything’s Cooler in Paris” and “Gelateria,” which are available—as are all her soigne prints—for a tres jolie $35. (via Daily Candy)

Knock knock. I love the color scheme and many collections in this light-filled Portland home.  My favorite moments: the built-in white bookshelves, the geometric sheepskin rug in the living room, and the pool blue Eames eiffel tower chairs, which make me wish I’d been patient enough to wait for the blue look-a-like chairs to get restocked at Ikea when I was looking for chairs for my dining room table. (via design*sponge)

Knock knock, take deux. I also love this house, which is a mixture of high and low, old and new. I love the boldness of the acid green wall in the living room, which feels fresh rather than over-the-top thanks to the neutral furnishings. I also love that there’s art everywhere. There’s no cohesive color scheme, yet the house’s various pops of color—the Granny Smith green Thonet chairs, the pottery collection—are of similar intensities so everything feels, to quote Goldilocks, just right. (via design*sponge)

Morning cuppa. I love Espresso, but have never been able to get the hang of using the ones where you have to measure and tamp and other things I’m simply not capable of doing before that first cup of java. I like this sleek model (by which I mean it won’t burden my already overcroweded, severely limited counter space) which only requires pods and a touch of a button. Pretty certain even I can pull that off . . . I think. (via incredible things)

No, I’m not a stalker. Here’s yet another home I want to wander around for a bit. I mean, just look at all the art, and the quirky architectural details. This is exactly the type of space that gives me a heart-on. And then there’s the artist aerie. The only thing that would make it more perfect is a couch for me to lay on, in easy reach of a dictionary, thesaurus, and all of my poetry books so I could write while Evan does whatever it is that Evan does. Hmmm, Portland (Oregon) seems to be giving Paris and the entire country of Sweden a run for their money in terms of my affections. . . I’m just saying. (via apartment therapy)

House Porn O.D. First, I didn’t know there was a Wicker Park in Boston (I only know the one in Chicago). Second, can I come over? Please? I promise not to say “wicked” or start dropping my “r’s.” I just want to ogle, er, I mean ooh and aah over your place. Pretty please? With sugar and baked beans and clam chowder from Legal Seafoods on top? (via sabbespot)

Go Ask Alice. Okay, let’s face it. I’m a lousy housekeeper. There’s dust everywhere, and, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less. Except when it comes to doing dishes. I’ll happily do hours and hours of dishwashing with nary a complaint. (Yes, this has more to do with the fact that I love, love, love playing with hot water than it has to do with having sparkly dishes but I digress . . . ) Anyhoo, can’t decide if this would make a lovely addition to my kitchen or if I’d just find it icky. Your thoughts? (via shelterrific)

Hitting the Links (1/20/10)

The Waffle Shop, 10th Street, NW, Washington, DC, January 20, 2010

Picture This. Ever find yourself browsing a show of photographs and thinking—hey, I can do that? Chances are we’ve all taken at least one really masters level snap in our lives (even if it was on accident, which is my usual m.o.) Thanks to Bumblejax, you can now give your  phabulous photo the all-pro treatment.  (via cool hunting)

House Envy. I confess to being a sucker for a good story. Like the story behind this piece by Erik Otto.  I was trying to make up my mind whether or not I liked it when I read that each of the editions is handpainted on upcycled album sleeves. (And no, I don’t want to know it if your first response was—what’s an album?) Not only that, but since the edition is put out by Working Proof, it means a percentage automatically goes to a not-for-profit of the artist’s choice, in this case, Architecture for Humanity.

Van-ity, Cupcake is Thy Name. I developed my love of food served from carts, vans, and other moving vehicles early: no stroll around the savannah in Port-of-Spain is complete without some roasted corn or an icie. And who can forget Sammy who kept me in potato knishes with red onions all through high school? I haven’t quite jumped on the cupcake bandwagon, but now that cupcakes come in a wagon, er van, I think I’m about to become a number one fan. (via UrbanDaddy)

The Writing on the Wall. I heart chalkboard paint. It now comes in bunches of colors. Uhm, do I really need to say more? (via Daily Candy. . . I think . . . )

Can I borrow $20? Seriously, peeps, I need this piece by Austin Kleon. One of my favorite ways to write a poem is to paste together bits and pieces of text that catch my attention until a narrative starts to emerge. I feel like Austin does the same thing, just sorta reversed. I keep adding words to make a piece of art, while he keeps deleting them. (Hmmm, maybe I should ask him if he’d like to do a collaboration . . .)

Can I come over? Yeah, yeah, I know I’m being real needy in this post, but I have to check out this redo up close and personal. I mean the homeowners lived in a tent inside their house while they were doing it. Who wouldn’t want to see the spoils of such commitment? My favorite moments? The two bathrooms—peep the (I’m so in heart with it) wire chandelier in bathroom one and the sweet-without-being-sickly babyish blue wall color in bathroom two. (via apartment therapy)

Can I come over, take two. Here’s what you need to know in order to understand why I’m gasping at this bathroom redo: I’m oh-so-slightly obsessive about green accessories, hence the nearly 10 pairs of green earrings I own. I’m also oh-so-slightly obsessive about bathtubs, which, coveniently, unless you’re in a coldwater flat, come in the bathroom. (Though I confess I’m totes in heart with the idea of a tub in the kitchen but I digress . . . ) For a tiny space, this bathroom packs a lot of punch. Take note of how the green accessories energize the blue, which in turn, keeps the green from seeming too neony. Also, notice how the dandelion decal  completely transforms the less-than-breathtaking window into a focal point. (via chez larsson)

Hitting the Links (Happy 2010 edition)

Barcelona street scene by E. Carton via Flickr Creative Commons ( / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Let it snow! Let it snow! SnOMG is now a distant memory except for some particularly stubborn snowplow-built snowbanks. Not to worry, you can relive the why-couldn’t-this-wait-till-Christmas without the part where you have to dig out your car or shovel your walk thanks to this lovely series of photos of a Times Square snowball fight by NYC shutterbug Doug Kim. (via @aplusk/Twitter)

Coulda. Shoulda. Didn’t. I heart these sweet but not saccharine prints of original paintings by Sophie Blackall. I specially adore the Missed Connections prints, which riff off the Craigs List postings of the same name. Can’t decide between “You Had a Guitar” and the uber-cheeky (pun intended) “Hipster Chick Who Passed Gas.” (via A Cup of Jo)

Another Day, Another Heart-On. I love these cards which hit three of my heart-ons at once: Paris, stationery, Muji.  For those of you who have yet to experience Muji-love, the Japanese design company is a master at sleek, streamlined products, which are at the same time invitingly warm. The cards also come in London and NYC versions. Hmmm, I believe I feel a Shop It: Muji edition coming on . . .  (via cool hunting)

Chevron 5 encoded. First, major props to anyone who actually picked up on that SG-1 reference! Second, take a momentito to peep this genius idea (from Boston interior designer Stephanie Sabbe) for those of us who rent abodes outside of NYC. (Am I the only one who’s noticed that every time you see a divinely decorated rental, it’s always in NYC where landlords apparently don’t care if you paint walls, put up crown molding, have indoor compost heaps, etc.?) It definitely takes some skills (by which I mean that, since I can’t cut a straight line even with guidelines I won’t actually be attempting this), but the ab fab result is absolutely worth it! (via @craft on Twitter)

Playing Nookie. Love this new Nook stool from VIAL which riffs on the traditional (think Moorish architecture), the industrial (think turbines), and the contemporary (it’s made from an innovative new plastic). What I love most about this stool is that it would easily fit into a number of decorating styles, so you wouldn’t have to toss it no matter how many times you redecorated. (Fess up, I know I’m not the only one that gets the urge to rearrange the furniture every other month!)  I’m always a fan of multifunctional stools, which make great cocktail party drink holders, step stools for reaching the top shelves of overflowing bookcases, or seats for slipping out of your Loboutins and into your Ugg at-home slippers.  (via Decor 8 )

Hitting the Links (12/30)

Paper garland inspired by “The Holiday.”

Cross my Heart. I resisted this blanket first time I saw it, but meeting up with it again showed me just how foolish it was not to add one of these cozy crux-covered blankies to my (ever-expanding) wish list. Sigh . . . . .  (via Door Sixteen)

A Stitch in Time. I don’t do embroidery. But I hope to do one of these darling “embroidered” prints by Alli Coate. C’mon, how can you resist sweet when it doesn’t come with all those pesky calories? Also, check out this blog post by Miss Alli herself, which shows just how your print will arrive at your mailbox. That’s like two presents in one! (via Creature Comforts)

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer. Put a little spring in your step, or at least on your walls, with one of these gorgeous paintings from Tina Beebe. I’m particularly gaga for the Poppies on a French Blue field.  (via dear ada)

Hooker Heaven. If I knew how to crochet these festive ornaments would be at the top of my list. Yes, I know it’s after Christmas, but just think what a lovely centerpiece a handful of these in a bowl would make all winter long. I’m just saying . . . . (via dosfamily)

Circle Jerk. I don’t know what that means. I do know, however,  that this festive garland is easy to make—even for the craftaphobic—and can dress up your digs long after New Year’s Eve. (via @craft)

Pillow Talk. You could save your pennies until you can afford some gorgeous new throw pillows . . . or you could just make some. Easy peasy. For realz. (via Chez Larsson)

Hitting the Links (12/21)

Footloose. I’m in love with this charming footstool that’s been reupholstered in a floral by Celerie Kemble courtesy of Kelly at High Street Market. I love how the Hothouse print riffs on the stool’s harp-shaped legs, yet the lines are clean enough that it doesn’t tip over into frou frou territory. Take a browse of Kelly’s Etsy shop to see some of her other fab upholstery updos. (via High Street Market)

Flashback. Once upon a time at a high school called St. Francis Prep my nick name was El Flamingo (for reasons which I remember but still don’t understand). Needless to say that led to a good decade or so of collecting all things flamingo until suddenly one day, I decided to send it all on its merry way. (No doubt when I picked up my first Eiffel Tower tchotcke.)  That all being said, I’m liking this set of vintage juice glasses quite a bit; I love how the black and white motif cuts the kitsch. Hmmm, wonder if there’s any room left on my wish list?

Footnote. And since we’re talking vintage, let’s talk about this DIY-heaven home lovingly (and painstakingly) put together by Amanda Johnson (purveyor of the aforementioned flamingo glasses), her huband Phil, and her brother Matt Graber. Favorite moments? The collection of milk glass containers, the row of handmade cushions on the gold couch, the chalkboard paint in the kitchen. (via apartment therapy)

It’s in the mail. As noted in recent posts, I’m in love with the idea of opening my mailbox to find pieces of art. Specially when said art is on postcards, one of my favorite types of ephemera.  Give your postal carrier something fun to deliver by subscribing to Abe’s Penny, which offers a weekly postcard-sized dose of visual art and poetry. Now that’s worth waiting by the mailbox for! (via Little Paper Planes)

Wiseguy. Actually, it’s a whole collection of wise men and women sounding off on wisdom. Each copy of the book also comes with a 60 minute film. Sounds like the perfect “Sorry I didn’t get your Christmas present in time for Christmas” present to me. (via Ilka’s Attic)

J’taime mucho. It’s Paris. There are Eiffel Towers dangling from the ceiling. And bins and baskets of treasures for me to paw through. What’s not to love about the Marches aux puces St. Ouen? (via ///)

Deck the Walls. Cheeky, charming, cheerful. Check out the selection of prints at Please Be Still, the etsy shop for Jen Renninger Illustration/Still Room Studio. A few faves: Keep Calm Ride On, Sing Out Loud Every Day, and the Design Deck series—alphabet cards featuring iconic iterations of modern design. (via A Cup of Jo)

Hitting the Links (12/10/09)

Green and pink chairs by Wozzup Mutazionidinterni Design (

Swedie Pie. Design*Sponge finally got my week going in the right direction with this sneak peek into the home of Swedish designer and artist Camilla Engman who also writes the most delightful blog. I especially love the wall of art. Take note of how the disparate elements work well together because of the fairly cohesive color scheme. It’s a great way to add order to a rambunctious collection of treasures. (via Design*Sponge)

Craig. Daniel Craig. Doing the dishes will be a delight with this cheeky dish towel from Emma Bridgewater in hand. Really. (via A Cup of Jo)

You’ve Got Mail. I love getting mail. I love eating food. I love using words and phrases like “locavore” and “locally sourced,” and “small-batch.” In other words, I’m a pretentious git. That being said, this round the world food club sure would be a nifty gifty for the foodie or wannabe foodie in your life.  

Happy New Year. Or at least it will be if this year you can manage to keep track of birthdays, project due dates, and how long exactly it’s been since you watered your plants. One of these calendars just might help. (Note: I myself went with Wallace & Grommit to keep me on track–or at least laughing as another deadline blows by–in 2010.) (via Cool Hunting)

You’ve Got More Mail. I love getting mail. I love art. I’m even more of a pretentious git than previously thought. Still, this whole 12-pieces-of-original-art-by-subscription thing, for about $5/month, is pretty astounding. And cool-making. So take that jarful of pennies to Coinstar and then subscribe already! (via Book by Its Cover)

Art with a Heart. Visual artists Christine and Justin take that whole new age visualization thing to a new level by painting boldly colored, graphic pix of the things they want—a trip to Vegas, hot wings, a Pinkberry with banana and chocolate chips—then selling them for whatever is the purchase price of the desired object on their site Wants for Sale.  Said purchase price is then used to purchase said item. Genius. And before you get on them for rampant consumerism, consider that they also have a Needs for Sale series that raises funds for charities including Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International, and the American Red Cross. Double Genius. (via It’s Nice That)

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