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Hitting the Links (12/5/09)

Here’s the quilt I made for my dear friends Jocelyn and Terry in honor of their marriage five years ago. I was inspired by the Quilts of Gee’s Bend.

Sur Le Table. One more reason to head to Paris—the otherworldly yet earthy work by Claire de Lavallee Ceramics. I especially loved reading how she makes the various textures on her ceramics, and the saturated colors and sparkly finishes are totes tres fantastique. (via Cool Hunting)

Charity Case. I love cookies. I love them even more when the damage to my hips is offset by the fact that I’m actually making a charitable contribution by eating them. Check out Baking for Good which donates 15%  of each purchase to a cause selected by the customer. Talk about getting a bang for your buck. (via Cool Hunting)

Cut It Out! I blogged about Elizabeth Dunker’s gorgeous pixel-perfect print a while back. Now that print and a few others have made it on to her new mini-collection of cutting boards. I’m a little loco about the happy, smiling veggies one. (via Camilla Engmann)

A cure for that not-so-fresh feeling. Fresh flowers definitely head over to the luxury column during the chillier months. Thank goodness for bulbs that can be bullied into blooming while we twiddle our thumbs and wait for spring. And thank goodness for today’s forced bulb  how-to from Design*Sponge. I’ll most definitely be trying this soon, as I’m pretty sure even I can drum up the gardening skills to make it work. Pix soon. . . I hope.

Je t’aime. Paris. Sunlight. Hardwood floors. Art and more art. How do I heart you Frederic Mechiche’s Loft in Le Marais? Let me count the ways. Starting with that glorious bathroom: copper tub, abstract silhouette, and what looks to be handpainted wallpaper. Invite me over. PLEASE. (via Door Sixteen)

Be a Chef Or Just Look Like One. Trust  me. You need this hanging in your kitchen. Even if the only other thing in your kitchen is a drawerful of take-out menus.

Yo Homie! Another poet who blogs about home life is totes a double barrel of blessing from heaven IMHO. Meet Anna Torborg my new poet-blogger-girlcrush. Sigh . .

Luck of the Irish. Guinness, Bailey’s Irish Creme, and chocolate in THE SAME CUPCAKE! Seriously folks, who’s making these for me? Right. Now.

Hitting the Links (11/30/09)

For no reason at all, except for the fact that she’s darn cute, here’s my cousin Tyler who’s training to be a pastry chef.

Past is Prologue. I love this sweet home, which I think perfectly embodies that Swedish vibe I’ve been crazy for lately, though the vintage pieces are all-Americana. Favorite moments include the living room fireplace with its candle-filled box, the vanity mirror strung with necklaces, and the antique mall-sourced turquoise lamp. I also love that this house is filled with touchstones of the couple’s shared past, yet it doesn’t have that mausoleum malaise that can afflict homes overburdened  wtih family heirlooms. (via design*sponge)

Art for Art’s Sake. Some really lovely (and low-priced) prints available during the Tiny Showcase sale. Sign up for their e-mail and you’ll get the chance to buy a lovely bit o’something dropped into your mailbox every week. Oh, and did I mention that some of their proceeds go to various charities? (Make your walls) look good and do good at the same time? C’mon, what’s not to heart?

Color Me Good! Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood is a haven of beautiful old houses, many of them now broken into two-flats or three-flats, to use the local parlance. Sadly when I lived in my own JP mini-manse, I had zilch design sense. (I was also perpetually broke back then and couldn’t even cook well enough to boil water, but that’s another story.) This beautiful rehab is chock full of color. Notice that by keeping the saturation point of each color the same (these all have a jewelbox tone to them), the colors complement rather than clash with each other. Some of my favorite moments—the kitchen’s green curtains, the dining room’s moody-bright blue walls, the beautiful abstract art. (via apartment therapy)

Eye Candy. More beautiful images from Sandra Juto. My favorites are #s four and five. Number seven—with the coffee cup—makes me wish a steamy cappuccino would magically appear at my desk right now. Really. Please. (via Sandra Juto)

On the Stump. I love stores like small stump + studio that make me exclaim, “Oh how darling!” in that perfect 1920s heiress way that manages to be utterly sweet and admiring rather than condescending. Know what I mean? Okay, even if I’m the only one who understood that first sentence, I promise you’ll understand why I’m glad I stumbled upon this store once you check it out. I’m particularly fond of the prints—an inexpensive way to dress up those walls of yours—and the horse and cow field slices are the crazy-coolest decor-as-conversation-starter piece I’ve seen in a while. (via Shiny Squirrel)

Light Bright! In case all my recent Swede-swooning has you thinking I’ve foresworn my Paris-philia, here’s a little something to put your hearts at ease. My favorite moment is the bathtub nook. It. Gives. Me. a Heart-on. For sure. And really, how on earth did she get away with using fluorescents as an accent when that’s normally the kind of thing that can steal the show and disrupt a room’s balance? Am I envious much? Sigh . . .  (via design*sponge)

Hitting The Links: Table Talk edition

Photo by Sandra Juto from her “Black Friday” blog post.

Butterfly Garden Teaware this enchanting could make even a Tetley tea party tops! I’m bursting to get these lovely  butterfly pieces from Polly George, but the roses and birds and wee little Mr. and Mrs. Jones lines are equally divine. Sure it’s a splurge coming from across the pond and all, but what’s a few euros compared to the oohs and aahs you’ll get the next time the girls are over for a cuppa? (via happylady)

You’re Welcome. This, my friends, is the cutest little pineapple-shaped sugar/splenda/stevia bowl ever. Nuf said. (via High Street Market Etsy shop)

Ooooh, pretty. They’re shiny. They hold coffee. Do I really need to go on? (via Oh Joy!)

Wake Up and Smell The . . .  The whimsical porcelain from Mustardseed and Moonshine is a little more fanciful than what usually catches my eye, but I confess to being totally in heart with the poppy teapot in Welsh. These fairytale takes on flora remind me of vintage Majolica and are definitely primed to become next generation heirlooms. I confess to being thorougly bummed that their online shop doesn’t extend to those of us on this side of the pond. Sigh . . . (via dear ada)

Pretty As a Picture. Ah, more Swedish house porn. Thankfully, a picture really is worth a thousand words since my Swedish is just not what it used to be. . . According to emma’s blogg, these photos by Per Gunnarson are of the home of interior designer Mia Lundstrom. I love her many delightful vignettes, especially in the bedroom with its pops of gilt. That just may be a Tord Boontje chandelier, or I may be projecting cause I want desperately to believe that I’ve already incorporated some Swede savoir faire into my own abode. Sigh . . . (via emma’s blogg)

I Found My Thrill. Okay, this my friends, is  blue-tiful. I love dishware that can double as decor. I also love Le Creuset. And yeah, I will love YOU if you get this for me. I’m just saying . . . (via Shiny Squirrel)

Hitting the Links (11/24/09)

“What a wonderful night for a moon dance . . . “

Forever Plaid. Even if you’re not mad for plaid, surely even you can’t resist the wonderful Union Jack pillow/plaid throw/curvy sofa combo. (via Chez Larsson)

Pleased to Meetcha. I was just daydreaming out loud today at work about some day hosting art shows and salons and the like at casa mia, which is currently known as apartamento mia. Seems to me that a place like this would fit the bill quite nicely. By the by, I got ridiculously excited when I peeped the picture of the three drawers each dedicated to a type of cutlery (second to last row). (via The Selby)

Why Yes, I Am a Real Princess. And I want the bed pictured at the top of this post. I mean it’s gold. It’s a bed. See where I’m going with this? (via Style Court)

Tree Huggers. So I was all set to rave about Anthropologie’s  butterfly ornaments but got distracted scrolling my way down this page by the owl*, the stellar sea ornaments, and then the darling set of crocheted ornaments. Hmmm, a tree full of anchors–whaddya think? ( *I’ve been very much in an owl frame of mind lately after spending some time immersed in Mary Oliver’s Owls and Other Fantasies. Read it now; thank me later.) (via Style Court)

Hitting the Links (11/12/09)

Green Eiffel (400th Wee Planet) by Alexandre Duret-Lutz ( / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Made To Order. Maia had me at her yellow and silver tea set : I’m a sucker for tea things, shiny things, and yellow things. And come on who doesn’t need a little custom-designed porcelain in their life? Kinda like going to a paint-your-own-pottery place yet sooooo much better! (via Cool Hunting)

Mid Century Mellow.  This is what separates me from most people. They read that this hillside bungalow has sticky drawers and shifting walls, and think–what a PIA. I read the same thing and think –oh how charming, I must move there immediately!  Now if I can only convince them to move out but leave all their gorgeous furniture behind . . .  (via Apartment Therapy)

Lighten Up. My favorite thing about this home is all of the light just tsunamiing through the windows. Light has a way of making everything look simply delightful, and paves the way for plants galore to be a prime decorating accent. I also love that many of these treasures were sourced from Craig’s List, EBay, and the street, which proves my point that you don’t actually have to spend a lot to make it LOOK like you’ve spent a lot.  (via Apartment Therapy)

Window dressing. This house is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Some of my favorite moments: the acres and acres of windows (which I hope are self-cleaning), the glass front upper cabinets in the kitchen, the painted cabinet next to the giant artwork in the living room. The only thing I didn’t really like was the bathroom, which seemed discordant with the rest of the house somehow. What do you think? (via Apartment Therapy)

Picture Postcard. IMHO art is at its best when it prods you into seeing/thinking/feeling  in a new and unexpected way. I love these photographs by Alexandre Duret-Lutz, which on first glance I took to be photos of craftily put-together hanging baubles. But they’re actually several of Messr. Duret-Lutz’s photos digitally manipulated to look like 3d objects. And if the photos themselves aren’t cool enough, not only can you buy them on online, but —thanks to Messr. Duret-Lutz’s creative commons licensing—you can visit Flickr to download them yourself. (via Cool Hunting)

Earth Angels. I love how these Emogayu Ceramics vessels are both earthy and ethereal at the same time. I almost believe that their maker, Brooklyn-by-way-of-Japan artist Yuri Fukuda, has somehow figured out how to crochet using porcelain.  They are simply Wow. (via Cool Hunting)

Heat Wave. Despite the fact that I’m the kind of gal that constantly worries about accidentally leaving on the oven or iron thus priming my apartment building for imminent conflagration (and losing all my 20×200 prints in the process!), I’m in love with this stove. I’ve always wanted a working fireplace, but since I”m looking to be a long-term apartment dweller (and haven’t the faintest idea how to start a fire), I don’t know that I’ll be getting one any time soon.  But sweet little Piet just could be the answer to all my fireplace fantasies  . . .  (via Shelterrific)

Hitting the Links (finally!) 11/9/09


Gratuitous (because I haven’t downloaded the hundreds of photos I took this weekend)  photo of me (before the last two major haircuts) sitting on Joan Allen’s lap. Photo by Brandon.

Bits and pieces. You say summer home, I say how soon can I move in? I especially love how the various artifacts are layered, and also how the oversized elements give the small home a certain lightness, as if by their very scale they’re exploding the space outward. (via Design Sponge)

Modern Masterpiece. Go look at this San Francisco one bedroom. Realize why it’s left me speechless. Go look at it some more. (And feel free to covet the blue Murano glass lamps, the Heywood Wakefield dresser in the bedroom, and the adorable collection of wee glass bottles.) Sigh . . .  (via Apartment Therapy)

Step and Repeat. I love all of the industrial elements in this brick bakery-turned-loft. What especially struck me is how carefully Ed has curated his displays—check out the color coordination in the first display—so everything feels coherent rather than cluttered. (via Design Sponge)

A New York Frame of Mind. Visiting The High Line is on my wishlist for my next trip to New York. In the meantime here’s a bit o’ travelogue from the always fabulous Jen O’Connor of Earth Angels. (via Earth Angels blog)

Pixel Dust. I love this new print by Elizabeth Dunker of  Fine Little Shop. I particularly admire how it simultaneously riffs on classic needlecraft and the computer age, invoking both pop culture and folk motifs.  (via Fine Little Day)

[Insert Your Own Bit o’ Wit Here] I heart pencils. Like for realz. (via notcot)

Going green! Oh, if only these genius wall pots came with a green thumb. I mean nothing’s died in my house lately, but I know that dang orchid that I pruned way too far back a couple of years ago is staying alive just to taunt me for my lack of finesse in getting it to bloom again. Sigh . . .  (via Oh Joy!)

Tabletop Trompe l’oeil.  I see something like this and it makes me think — Boy I wish someone would get me the cool cup (with dotted-line teabag ) and saucer (with dotted-line spoon) for my birthday. I’m just saying . . .  (via Oh Joy!)

Help Wanted. Matchmaker matchmaker find me a match . . . who’ll think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving four hours to see a house you love (or shop a flea market you’ve always heard about or see a sign that always makes you giggle. Well, you get the picture . . . ) Sigh, sigh, sigh. (via something’s hiding in there)

Hitting the Links (10/5/09)


Let’s sleep on, er I mean in, it! Here’re the winning rooms from Ronda Carman’s Best Bedrooms contest. I love the gorgeous yellow walls in the winner-takes-all room, but I confess that I was rooting for the Reader’s Choice room. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep, wake-up, dream, read, and dream some more amidst this gorgeous greenery, inside and out? Take note: What all of these rooms have in common is that they offer a mixture of textures, shapes, and furniture styles and periods. Nothing says boring bedroom more than rigorously adhering to a certain set of rules. In other words-nix the matchy matchy folks, just nix it!

C’mon get happy! One of my favorite fashion and design doyennes–Oh Joy!–is now also indulging her foodie side with her new blog Happy Lady! One of my fave features is the sweet little foodie quotes that pop up every now and then. In other words, Oh joy, oh boy!

On the road! If only I had an unlimited bank account (and some actual upper body strength), I’d flit, I’d flee, I’d fly from coast to coast carting around my perfect LBDs, Havianas, James Perse tees, and lots of other It-girl type clothes I don’t actually own in these refreshingly upcycled suitcases. Heck, these suitcases are so cool, that my regular old clothes would become It-girl clothes just by virtue of having been carried in them. (via Shelterrific, and a few other cool blogs I’ve perused lately)

My precious. Let’s face it, most people’s junk somehow turns into my treasure. Lucky for moi, there’s lots of likeminded folk out there, like the proprietor of my new favorite Etsy shop High Street Market. (No, I don’t just like it because it’s a fave haunt of Jen Bekman’s, not that there’d be anything wrong with that. . . Sigh . . . ) From darling little globe banks to wall-worthy vintage paint-by-numbers to collectible–and covetable–brass animal figurines, I guarantee you’ll find something you want . . . even if you won’t admit to it.

Coming later this week–the spoils of Saturday’s thrifting, a new Shop It feature, and my first ever not-answered-by-me Home Beete questionnaire a/k/a my first “big girl” blog post!

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