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Stuff and Places I Like (11/30/10)

“And now we begin….”, Loudoun County, Virginia. November 2010.

S.W.A.K. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing…well, at least when it comes to buying Christmas cards. Unlike those Boy Scout types who stocked up on discounted cards last year, you can spoil your friends with these glorious artist cards, proving you’re not just smart, you’re downright styliciously savvy! (via Brain Pickings)

Hi There! Just when I thought my stalking-people-till-they-become-my-best-friend-and-invite-me-to-move-in days were over….Don’t be surprised when you hear yourself oohing and aahing out loud over this adorably quirky California cottage. Favorite moments? Honestly–each and every single thing they’ve done in this house. Sw-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-n. (via apartment therapy)

Hi There! Redux. Everything I just said about that last place goes quadruple for this Brit Bungalow. (via apartment therapy)

Butterflies are free to fly…Well, except when they’re pinned to a board. Blech, gross! Wanta get your Nabokov on without getting all Marquis de Sade about it? Check out these abs gorgeous crocheted butterfly specimens. Oooh, want! Please. (via aesthetic outburst)

‘ear, ‘ear! Now I don’t go all cockney over just any old earrings, but these clay dangles are delish. What I love about them is that they’re bi-seasonal….they perfectly capture the crispness of a winter sky while at the same time evoking the lovely azure waters of Sant Tropez in the summer….okay, I may have made that last part up, but here’s hoping.

Places I Like (July 3, 2010)

Somewhere in Silver Spring, Spring 2010

Lite Brite. The old saying is that the most important thing is location, location, location but I disagree. I’m going to go with light, light, light like the wonderful light pouring through the windows in this Scandinavian home. The reflective surfaces scattered througout the space—mirrors, chandeliers, glossy floors, candlesticks—make the muted palette luminous rather than chilly. And for cloudy days, there are the woody touches—lived in armchair, tiles around the fireplace, wooden coffee table. (via Greige)

A Study in Contrast. This place is a bit too stark for my tastes, but there are some lovely moments, most notably the painting that is repeated as a backsplash motif and the black wall. Those white chairs also look luverly but I fear my take-out habit would grungify them in no time, sigh. (via emmas designblogg)

That’s New to Me! I really love the philosophy behind this Venice, CA abode: “I believe just about every piece of furniture I need or want already exists.” Despite the fact that almost all of the furniture, artwork, etc. in this home is “new-to-the-homeowner” rather than downright new, not one inch of this home has that post-college hand-me-down mishmash look. I think the secret is the judicious DIY-ing of keep pieces, like the boldly gorgeous fabric on the vintage chairs. Yep, add these folks to the list of people I need to befriend and how! (via apartment therapy)

Places I Like (5/17/10)

I saw this pic over on Emma’s DesignBlogg (Photo by Ancci Gustavsson). Even though design rules say that the rug should be large enough that the whole bed fits on it, I actually love how the smaller rug is used to create a sort of “lawn” around the footboard end. Somehow it makes the simple elegance of the room pop just that bit more.

My new best friends? Let’s just cut to the chase shall we and admit that I would totally stalk the people who live here to get an invite. Totally. Favorite moments? The instant gorgeous kitchen window view thanks to the woolly pockets garden, the Paris grey subway tile in the bathroom, and—of course—the art. (via Apartment Therapy)

DIY OMG! I have two words for you about this amazing home: tin headboard. Okay, here’s a few more words along the lines of I seriously need DIY Kara to be my new home genius bestie. Like seriously. (via Young House Love)

A Little Light Music. The sherbety palette in Malene Barnett’s home is absolutely stunning, as if somehow she’s figured out how to infuse a smidge of light into every paintdrop so you get this overall effect of luminescence. I also love how the elongated figure repeats throughout the house—starting with the handles on the front door. I’d buy one of this woman’s carpets in a heartbeat even if it mean cleaning out your bank account. I’m just saying . . . (via The Selby)

Bonjour Phillippe. This is less of a place I like and more of a “This is the closest most of us will ever get to Phillippe Starck so heck yeah, I’m posting it on the blog.” Overall, it’s a little too taxidermy, primitivish arty for me, but there are some lovely moments such as the casual clusters of necklaces, the tub, and the sleek Starck fixtures amidst the cacophony of stuff. (via The Selby, who has a great new book out by the by . . . )

I call do over! It’s amazing to me how bad design choices can absolutely ruin a gorgeous house. Love this remodel that brought this 1916 loveliness back to life. (via Greige)

Places I Like (5/13/10)

Purple. Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, May 2010

(Way) Down South! I love this beautiful, breezy house in South Africa. Fave moments? Necklaces hung from a lightbulb in the bathroom, the outdoor shower, and the stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines. (via Apartment Therapy)

Time in a Bottle. What I love about this riotous home is that all of the treasures have clearly been collected and curated over time. I bet Sean MacPherson has a story for every single painting, lamp, curio, etc., and—quite honestly—I’m pretty sure I’d like to hear all of them. (via The Selby)

Wall-to-Wall. So I couldn’t for the life of me actually live like this, but I still admire the creativity behind it.

Places I Like (4/17/10)

Warehouse district. I’m in total heart with this former factory turned live-work space. It’s full of contrasts—the translucence of banks of windows versus the solidity of the old wood floors, delicate dishes arranged on a rough-hewn shelf. The space is clearly extra-extra large yet a judicious use of furniture and art and light make it seem cozy rather than cavernous. Favorite moments? The bank of industrial windows that have been upcycled into room dividers, the “rasterized” tree photo, and, of course, the griffin-guarded library. (via apartment therapy)

Swede Spot. If I was going to move to Sweden, I might move here. I’m delighted by the crazy vintage wallpaper, which I’m finding utterly jolie laide.  I also love the wood floors—which I’d immediately paint white—and the white tile fireplace. (via fine little day)

Krum in, it’s open. To be clear: I HAVE. A HEART-ON. FOR GREGORY KRUM. Which may be why this is the closest I’ll ever get to seeing his digs . . . sigh sigh and sigh . . . (via Jen Bekman Gallery on Facebook)

You did what to your apartment? Not only do I love the sheer guts of this homeowner, I’m also in love with both the before and after versions of this loft. And I’m thinking that I may have a leather couch and armchair for sale soon . . . so I can have a wall free to mimic the TV console/bookcase styling Ivonne’s got going on . . . My favorite moment? The gated soda and juice machines in the lobby. I soooo heart New York! (via apartment therapy)

Huh? Thank goodness a picture’s worth a thousand words in any language because I have absolutely no idea what these captions say. The fabulous style in this apartment, however, needs no translation. I’m crazyhearted about the deep gray kitchen cabinets, whitewashed floors, and  light-filled living room with its STARS ON THE CEILING! Uhm, sorry, I got a little too excited there for a moment . . .  (via Bolig magazine)

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