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Stuff I Like (with-a-prologue edition)

June 16, 2011

I finally wore my peacock hairclip to work yesterday, and I’m pretty sure nobody noticed. Sig…

Hello Peeps! The poor old The Home Beete! is limping along….not for lack of love, but for lack of time. On the better nights, I can multi-task making my nightly Facebook video and putting up a post while I also make dinner. But on far too many nights, not so much. Sigh….

But I refuse to give up, and as I figure out a way to update content more regularly, you may find things changing a little or a lot. I keep thinking of things I’d like to ruminate on during the day, so I think I’ll allow myself to do more of that. But not to worry, I’ll still being doing “Stuff I Like” and you can see tons more I like over on Pinterest! (Just ping me if you need an invite!)

And I’m constantly updating my Facebook page, even when I shouldn’t be! I’d love to friend you so just drop me a note that you found me via The Home Beete, and you’re in like Flynn!

Okay, that’s enough prologue from me….without further ado, here’s some stuff I like..

You had me at “Paris penthouse…” Seriously peeps, if my Paris apartment looked like this, I’m pretty sure I’d never leave it to actually see Paris. I’m just saying… I particularly heart the wood floors, the exposed beams throughout, and what looks like an Arne Jacobsen sofa in the living room.  (via Solid frog)

T for you, and you for T… I’m in total heart with these artist t-shirts from Agnes B! My especial faves: Craig Costello’s rainbow-inflected tank, Jay One’s graffiti-ish “My Love is Magic,” and Jonas Mekas’s “Keep Singing.”

All Pins, No Needles! I’m also completely in heart with this safety pin brooch by Marta Lugo Jewelry. I don’t actually have any collared shirts right now, but I wanta run out and buy a bunch just so I can clip this beauty to my collar. Or maybe I can give a nod to punk and pin it through the slightly distressed neckline of a plain old t-shirt. Either way, uhm, WoW! (via Creature Comforts)

You Light Up My Life. I’m looking at you Plumen Lightbulb. You sexy, sassy, beast of a bulb you. I’d love to introduce you to my Tord Boontje garland shade. I really do think we could all live happily ever after. I’m just saying… (p.s. I know the price looks outrageous….until you spot the part about the bulb lasting for 8 years!)

Stuff I Like


Spring seems to have sprung….right onto my back! (by the fabulous Bill at Ambrotos Tattoo)

Mmmm, cake! I’m not usually one to oooh and aaah over cake toppers (okay, maybe just a little bit sometimes…), but these L’il Cake Toppers are so adorable you don’t need wedding cake to enjoy them! (via a Cup of Jo)

Holy Handrolled Hermes, Batman! Just watch the video…and be amazed…and then get me a little something nice from Hermes to thank me for enlarging your fashion cosmos. (via a lovely being)

Pretty is as pretty….is drawn by the wonderful Cailtin McGauley. I want both the butterfly and necklaces prints! And is it wrong to use “Living Room” as a blue print for my own living quarters?

What a hack! So there’s this whole culture of IKEA-hacking going on in the wider world, where craftastic folks upcycle IKEA furniture to the nth degree. This is one of the prettier takes on IKEA-hacking I’ve seen. Instead of reconfiguring the assorted parts, the fantabulous Kim Hennessey (as +Fliffa Studio) uses the pieces as canvases. So you still have to put your Bekvam step stool together yourself when she sends it to you, but boy does it arrive looking all kinds of gorgeous! (via Aesthetic Outburst)

Stuff I Like (5/9/11)

“Clock, Silver Spring.”

BUY THIS! Okay, I’m not usually quite so bossy but my e-friend Abbey Hendrickson (of the fabulous aesthetic outburst blog) who I’ve talked about a zillion times in this space has partnered with Pistachio Press on a line of cross-stitch, letterpress notebooks! I’m pre-ordering at least one (by which I, of course, mean one in every single pattern!). And since I’m being Princess Bossy Pants, can you go ahead and stick her blog Aesthetic Outburst in your bookmark toolbar or Google reader or whatever…or at least follow her on Twitter: @a_outburst (p.s. Abbey doesn’t pay me to shill for her… unless you count holding off on a virtual restraining order as payment…sigh…)

Prints Charming. The wonderful Camilla Engman, a Swedish artist/crafter/blogger extraordinaire is selling some her prints for just two weeks! Her point of view is wonderfully off-kilter in a magical, fairy-tale-ish kind of way, which seems to be part and parcel of the Swedish, and perhaps even Scandinavian, visual arts aesthetic. Alas, alack, I’m no art critic, so all I can say for sure is: these prints are cool. I’m particularly enamored of the paper-cut woodland scene and the two Atomic Age forest in the first set of prints. I’ve linked to her Batch 3 of for-sale prints, and you can scroll back through her blog a few posts to see Batches 1 and 2. (via Camilla Engman)

Rhyme time? And since we’re on the subject of people I like a lot….here’s Christian Kane singing “Thinking of  You” on Leverage. Conveniently, the song also appears on his new album, The House Rules. Yeah, I didn’t know I was a country girl, either….

Stuff I Like (5/1/11)

This tree sculpture is in the National Gallery of Art sculpture garden. Anyone know the artist’s name?

It’s a little embarrassing—by which I mean MORTIFYING—how long my poor blog has been dormant. Soooo, here’s me trying to do better… sigh….That being said, I’m hoping to transition over to in the next few months….which will feature The Home Beete postings as well as pieces from my literary life and perhaps even the crazy Facebook videos I’ve been making every night. Stay tuned…

Facing it. Watch this movie and then buy a print like this. ‘Nuf said.

It’s a collage town! I love the layers in these paintings by Alex Griffin. The many overlays adds depth to the canvas, and the storyteller in me can’t help but see story on top of story on top of story, which is how narrative really happens, isn’t it? They also remind me of those walls full of concert or movie posters when the posters have ripped or been shredded enough that you can see earlier visual inhabitants of the wall bleeding through. (via Beautiful Decay)

Buy in. The wonderful Katherine Sandoz is having an art sale. A lot of the pieces have already been snatched up but it’s still worth browsing. Gorgeous! (via Black*Eiffel)

Marbles=Lost? I just read an article in Country Living (the UK version cause I’m posh!) about a craftsman who does marbling. So now I want ever single one of these beautiful notebooks from Coterie though I’d be cheating on my beloved Moleskine. Sigh…swoon…. (via Aesthetic Outburst)

Sydney=Heaven. Don’t believe me? This link is all the proof you need.

Stuff I Like (2/22/11)

Four-sided Pyramid by Sol Lewitt, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

Mirror mirror on the wall. Perusing the blog Griege and loved this powder room. Well, to be precise, I’m not sure how I feel about the bowl sink/rustic pedestal combo (I think I’d prefer concrete or more industrial sinks with that pedestal) but I’m absolutely in love with the groupings of antique mirrors hung on the wall. I’m thinking this would also be a lovely idea for a foyer or short hallway. (via griege)

It’s that time again. So I had no idea Griege was also a shop. (ah, lightbulb!) And perhaps it’s better that I didn’t know because now I’m in love with this alarm clock. I mean it’s vintage, French, and teal—uhm, can we say “Paulette written all over it!” Never mind that I already have four clocks in my apartment, none of which ever tell the same time. Sigh….

Well, maybe a swift half. (Note: If you don’t get that intro, that means you need to watch more As Things Go By and drink more beer, I’m just saying.) Hugo Guinness has been one of my absolutely favorites since the first time I discovered his prints. There’s something about the decisive yet simple quality of his lines that I find absolutely breathtaking, and I could stare at his prints for hours. Sadly I still haven’t gotten the hang of actually saving up some dough so I can purchase one of his works, but how lovely of the Griege folks to feature Hugo Guiness for my drooling pleasure. (Note 2: I am also dying to visit John Derian’s shop, preferably the one in Provincetown as I’d be in one of my favorite places on earth browsing one of my dream shops. Uhm, yeah, swoon.) (via griege)

Make a Wish. I’m kinda in love with this dandelion duvet from West Elm. It doesn’t fit my color scheme at all and I’m not sure how I feel about glorifying weeds on my bed still….And while I’m waxing rhapsodic about West Elm, you might as well know I want this too.

Knock knock. Just when I thought it was safe to browse house tours, I found this gorgeous Brooklyn rehab that I must must must see in person. Sigh…. (via Door Sixteen)

I’m Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Okay, not really. But I am cuckoo for this clock by decoylab. Not that I have a clock addiction or anything…. (via oh joy!)

Stuff I Like (2/19/11)

I don’t know who Jack is but I sure do like his flag. Since I don’t think I’m becoming a subject of HRH Liz II anytime soon, I guess I’ll show my affection for Gran Britannia with this vintage Union Jack pillow from Henry Road. (Well, that and keeping up my monthly love letters to Prince Charles. C’mon, you know you thought he was dashing too back in the Charles and Di days….)

Remember how I told you…So I know you’ve heard me mention Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst to the point where  you’re thinking of taking out a restraining order against me on her behalf buttttttt I’m going to risk possible legal action to tell you that the talented Miz Hendrickson has started listing some of her original drawings in her Etsy shop, hownowdesign. Turns out Abbey is not just one heckuva crafter/blogger, she’s also a trained visual artist. I’m partial to “Minor City,” “Down,” and “by whom surrendered”…you know, in case you wanted to get me a little something for all the Internet awesomeness I bring into your life, or something like that. (via Aesthetic Outburst)

Stars upon Thars… I know it’s not Christmas but I’m thinking a bowlful of these lovely ornaments from Basic French Online would add a splash of glamour all year round. They’d also make a lovely mobile, or maybe tie a few to ribbon and hang them from some of your wall art. I mean can you really have too much starlight afoot?

It’s got that je ne sais quoi… What’s there to say about this lovely print from lovemaki? It’s in French, the typography is gorgeous, and the balloon is the perfect shade of pink? In other words—-swoon and double swoon. (via A Cup of Jo)

Dutch delight. The pillows and prints in Dutch artist LeiLiLaLoo’s Etsy store are a little bit folks, a little bit outsider artist-ish, and a whole lot of wonderful. I generally don’t like things this close to twee, but there’s a certain sureness of vision that pushes this past mere poseur-dom…or something like that. I’m especially taken by this, this, and this. (via One Fine Day)

Stuff I Like (1/23/11)

Eye spy. I love these quirky landscapes “of the mundane” by Chris Wiley. He takes the photos I dream of taking, the unseen aha! moment lurking unnoticed in the every day. (via Beautiful Decay)

Pen and Ink. One of my favorite drawers—by which I mean visual artist who draws things—is Jason Polan. I’m a little over-the-moon (and possibly soon to be over budget) because he’s got a whole fantastico collaboration going on with West Elm! On my immediate wish list: the large perfume bottle decoupage tray and the vidalia pillow cover. (Okay, and I kinda want one of the glass tumblers too….) Swoon, sigh, SWOON.

Staying put. I think the urge to wander may be starting to bubble up again (Paulette in the same city for 10 years–WHAT?!)…but staying put might not be all that bad if I had a just-fancy-enough address stamp by emililies in hand… (via creature comforts)

They had stars upon thars….You might not  think that Lubbock, Texas and Provincetown, Massachusetts, would have a lot in common. But what I love about both is their great big skies with reach-out-and-touch-them starscapes like the one in this good type of lonely giclee print from cakewithgiants. (via creature comforts)

Blogger shout-out! Another of my fave blogs is Creature Comforts. EZ posts bits of lovely from all over the internet, and I particularly adore the Inspiration Daily posts, which feature one or several images with “paint chips” laying out the color palette. The combinations are often surprising, and they make you want to immediately put together an outfit or redo a room or….Well, head over there and see for yourself!

All tangled up. I don’t need another pair of earrings, but I quite want these lovely knotted twine hoops from by boe . They’re both classic and a little bit punkish–what’s not to love (pun absolutely intended!)? (via Creature Comforts)

Stuff I Like (1/17/11)

“Everything’s Coming Up Crystal,” Silver Spring, December 2010

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I know for sure I don’t want a bling ring if I ever get engaged (cause my rings tend to retire to the jewelry box after a few giddy wears) butttttt if I did want a ring o’ bling, this gorgeous gaggle of vintage gems from Erstwhile Jewelry Co would do me just fine. (via a Cup of Jo)

I’ve got a crush on you….And by you I mean this sweet Emersonmade tee-shirt. With straight leg black pants and my fave black/white/grey striped H&M scarf. Yeah buddy, I’d be looking goooood! (via A Cup of Jo)

BFFs? Abbey Hendrickson (Aesthetic Outburst) is one of my fave bloggers ever. I not only stalk her blog but I also stalk her etsy and Ebay shops. (And two seconds ago I learned she’s on Twitter! @a_outburst) And really, it’s her fault that I’m convinced that there are cool men out there—like her husband—who like to thrift store shop and (pretend to) craft as much as I do. I was so happy to read this interview with Abbey (by sfgirlbybay), which thankfully also has tons of pix. Now you can love her as much as I do. Win-win, I say!

BFF p.s. As you’ve probably figured out, I work on my posts over a couple of days. Not surprisingly, Aesthetic Outburst has gotten even more amazing in just a couple of days. Abbey is making 20 days of Valentine’s Day ornaments (check out her 20 Days of Christmas posts to see her put Santa’s elves to shame!) and this time around, she’s giving the ornaments away to lucky readers. In other words, quit your dawdling and start following her already.

This is Not About Abbey Hendrickson. But it is about Francesca who not only designed this beautiful poster of sayings by Gandhi but is also letting folks download it for free. Talk about living the spirit of Gandhi. (via Black*Eiffel)

It’s a puzzlement. You say kid’s toy, I say playful decorative object that will make me oh-so-happy. Whatever you call ’em, this set of Paris puzzles by French artist Nathalie Lété is tres magnifique—and how! (via Black*Eiffel)

Stuff I Like (1/13/11)

New shoes. Silver Spring. January 2011.

Yummy in my Tummy! You may have heard me mention once or twice or a zillion times how much I like pie. I also happen to love mason jars. So pie+mason jar=I’ve died ‘n’ gone to heaven….sadly I discovered All Jarred Up too late for Christmas….happily, they start delivering again in time for my birthday! (via a Cup of Jo)

And now a shout-out to Beyonce….Okay, not really. Pretty sure this simple engagement ring‘s not near enough bling for Miz Knowles, but were a happy event such as an engagement to be married ever befall me, this ring would be on my wish list. And I’d fully expect it to do double-duty as the happily be-wedded ring too. In other words, I do swoon. (via A Cup of Jo)

Oh no, Yoko! Beatles fan or not, I can’t see how you wouldn’t flip over this yellow submarine bangle. Totes cute…but in a good, grown up, I’ve not lost my sense of whimsy type of way….

Blockhead! I love this tiny but gorgeous Jerome Block by painter Michelle Armas. There’s something quite lyrical about her work, and I find myself almost “reading” the designs like i might read a poem. The block’s extra groovy because the design continues onto the sides and back, and I swan you could lose an hour or two just playing and gazing and whatnot….(via Armas Design)

One way to Argentina… Stumbled upon this lovely Buenos Aires aerie (Yes, I know I’m using ‘aerie’ incorrectly, but I’ve got a thing for alliteration….) wandering through my blog roll My fave moments are the wheeled chairs around the traditional dining table, the mini cactus-lined kitchen window, the white-bricked interior walls, and, of course, the stripes. (p.s. I totes forgot which blog I first saw this on–sorry!)

Cover me! Can’t quite decide if I’m more in love with this or this. Oh Karen Barbe, you’re such a heartbreaker!

Stuff I Like (12/16/10)

Why yes, my sister (r) will murder me when she realizes I’ve used this photo in my blog.

Gosh Hang It! I know everyone’s on the open plan bandwagon but quite honestly I want even more walls so I have space for even more art. Like this South-of-France-ish guitarist.

Take a look-see. In a writing workshop, probably one of the worst things you can say to a writer is that they’re work is sentimental. But Russ Potak’s colorful paintings make a case for the sentimental, capturing a scene that–like Proust’s madeleine–conjures a piquant nostalgia for yesterday. What I love about Potak’s work is that feeling of really taking a long moment to look and notice and store away. He’s captured that fleeting image that erupts in your brain one day out of nowhere and brings a secret smile to your face. I’m particularly fond of Path to Robert Frost’s, By the Sea, and Break of Light. (via @doallas)

Brrrr…..The perils of working in a building that’s more than 100 years old is that the heating tends to be cantankerous and finicky. Which means it behooves me to make sure I have a supply of cozy neckwear on hand at all times. (Okay, it may also be true that I have a tiny bit of a scarf obsession, I mean maybe perhaps…sigh…) The point is that I sorta desperately need this lovely from Ancient Industries in my arsenal and how!

Put a sock in it! While we’re on the subject of obsessions, I might as well confess that I’m more than bit gaga for socks. Like these beauts. (Yes, yes, I know…I am now also addicted to the Ancient Industries website….sigh…)

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