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Stuff and Places I Like (11/30/10)

“And now we begin….”, Loudoun County, Virginia. November 2010.

S.W.A.K. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing…well, at least when it comes to buying Christmas cards. Unlike those Boy Scout types who stocked up on discounted cards last year, you can spoil your friends with these glorious artist cards, proving you’re not just smart, you’re downright styliciously savvy! (via Brain Pickings)

Hi There! Just when I thought my stalking-people-till-they-become-my-best-friend-and-invite-me-to-move-in days were over….Don’t be surprised when you hear yourself oohing and aahing out loud over this adorably quirky California cottage. Favorite moments? Honestly–each and every single thing they’ve done in this house. Sw-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-n. (via apartment therapy)

Hi There! Redux. Everything I just said about that last place goes quadruple for this Brit Bungalow. (via apartment therapy)

Butterflies are free to fly…Well, except when they’re pinned to a board. Blech, gross! Wanta get your Nabokov on without getting all Marquis de Sade about it? Check out these abs gorgeous crocheted butterfly specimens. Oooh, want! Please. (via aesthetic outburst)

‘ear, ‘ear! Now I don’t go all cockney over just any old earrings, but these clay dangles are delish. What I love about them is that they’re bi-seasonal….they perfectly capture the crispness of a winter sky while at the same time evoking the lovely azure waters of Sant Tropez in the summer….okay, I may have made that last part up, but here’s hoping.

Stuff I Like (7/26/10)


“Chloey and Paulette, Wednesday night” by Chloey Accardi (2010)

Editors Note: Someone—no need to mention any names!—started this post on July 5 and is now just publishing it which means that many of the things listed may already be sold out. But who doesn’t like a little window shopping, right? Sigh . . .  

Oooh, sparkly! Why yes, that was my exact reaction on peeping these Madewell chandelier earrings. While I have a heart-on for sparkle, I tend to stay away from most chandelier earrings cause they’re somehow just a little too much. Lately, it seems, I like my maximalism leavened with a strong dose of minimalism. What I love about these earrings is that the heaviness of the stones is perfectly balanced by the lightness of the chain. In other words, color me Goldilocks—they’re just right! (via Creature Comforts)

Je t’aime. This is just a little reminder of the complete heart-on I have for all things French (including Colette, Chanel, and Johnny Depp.) I’m especially in love with the tea cosies. So buy me one. ‘K? ‘K! (via Creature Comforts)

Lovely Stuff. I love this vintage-ish print, which IMHO is cheeky-sweet rather than treacly. And this is also a singular take on my current love for all things cloudy (well, except days and moods. . . . )  (viaAlli Coate)

Just ask for directions. A map based on Springsteen lyrics. Genius! Finally, you can find out where that friend of yours from back in high school who used to turn all the boys heads lives.

Simply wow. These nocturnal shots by New Jersey photographer Emma Wilcox are thoughtfully haunting. We forget how much stillness there can actually be in an urban environment, an absence Wilcox captures beautifully. Make sure to browse both Eminent Domain and Forensic Landscapes. (via @doallas)

Stuff I Like (6/1/10)

Photo by Tim Walker.

Bag Me with a Spoon. Well, yes, my wardrobe would be complete if only I had this. Clearly this girl needs her a gorgeous-girlie-yet-edgy-leather-handbag fairy godmother and how! Sigh . . . swoon . . . sigh . . . (via White Lightning)

Bead It! Here are my thoughts on this simple yet striking necklace by Kristina Clarin. Swoon. Sigh. Is it May 18th yet? Sigh some more. (via shiny squirrel)

Bead It #2! I’ve been a fan of Hannah Blount’s jewelry ever since I interviewed her for Her work is simple yet absolutely stunning. Like adding one perfect silver bead to this perfect string of turquoise beads. I’m going to go ahead and “Genius” this one. (And yes, you should consider this a plea for you to get me one.) (via Hannah Blount’s blog)

Ship Shape! I’m absolutely enchanted by this wallpaper, designed by eight-year-old Otto Dunker (whose mother is the ubertalented Swedish designer Elisabeth Dunker). I can picture Ohoy! in a powder room, or on one wall of a master bedroom, perhaps even instead of a headboard. Come to think of it, I’d also love it on the inside back of a bookcase for just a hint of nautical whimsy. In other words, the possibiities are kinda endless. p.s. If you haven’t checked it out already, give a looksie at Elisabeth’s site and blog One Fine Day. (via One Fine Day)

Land ho! I’m really loving these landscape paintings by Katherine Sandoz, full of bold strokes and broad swathes of color, kinda like actually being in the great outdoors. (via aesthetic outburst)

Eye, eye, eye. Dennis Hopper passed away a few days ago, leaving behind not just a long line of memorable characters, and a strong will that survived the excesses of the 70s and 80s, but an amazing eye, which resulted in sometimes gritty, always stunning images of the famous, the infamous, and everyone in between. (via Chasing Light)

P.S. Looking for something to read this summer? Check out Flashlight Worthy, which gives lists of book recommendations up the wazoo! I’m quite taken with their list of “Paris” books. . . and not just cause I contributed a title or two.  You can also follow them on Twitter: @flwbooks

Stuff I Like (4/22/10)

Shoe down. If I had a boudoir (uhm, and a spare $250), this print would be mine and hanging in the aforementioned boudoir where I would practice, practice, practice walking in heels until I could purchase a beautiful pair of gold shoes for myself and prance the night away. Or something like that . . .

Wall to wall? Who needs a 3-d headboard when you have a sturdy wall to lean against? ‘Specially if you snag one of these amazingly cool Blik headboard decals.  I’m partial to the Nico and Wrought Iron versions my self . . .

Superstar! Why didn’t you tell me? So it turns out that 20×200 photographer-blogger-extraordinary gal overall  Youngna Park also takes pix of interiors. I’m loving this photostream, which features homeowners that have incorporated “green” features into their design schemes. Every little bit counts and the greening runs the gamut from using low-VOC paint to being fully LEED certified. Yay Youngna! (via 20× blog)

Take a load off. I. Must. Have. This. Pretty please.(via Nonsense & Sensibility)

Cuff”em Danno. Well, if you’re going to develop a thing for elephants, you might as well go all in. Sigh, swoon, and sigh s’more . . .  (via Nonsense & Sensibility)

p.s. I was a little sleep-deprived when I found some of these and I forgot to note where I found ’em. I apologize to anyone who should be getting credit and isn’t.

Stuff I Like (4/18/10)

“On the Road Again” Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring

Grab a seat! I adore these stools by Wood and Wool, which manage to be both practical and mini works-of-art at the same time. I’d probably put a couple right next to my bed to capture the overflow of books and magazines. I’m just saying . . . (via Decor8)

Ooooh, pretty. I’ve been wanting new pillows for my bed and may actually give up Starbucks for a month—horrors!—so I can afford this lovely. (Oh Starbucks, I wish I knew how to quit you . .  ) Of course I pretty much want everything in the Tuuni Etsy shop, but I digress . . . (via Decor8)

The Writing on the Wall. As anyone who’s ever visited either of my last two apartments knows, I sorta have a thing for writing on the wall. (Next time you come over, check out the lines from Mary Oliver on the bathroom door.) These wall decals are even better than anything I could come up with myself mostly because Shanna Murray’s’s got way better penmanship, and she can actually draw! In other words, you bet your sweet a these are at the top of my wish list! (via A Cup of Jo)

Butterflies are free . . . Except when they’ve been stabbed with a pin and stuck in a box. At least that’s what I think every time I see framed butterfly specimens. So what’s an-anti pinned bug, butterfly-loving girl to do? Order these lovely crocheted versions to which I’m going to go ahead and give two snaps. (via Creature Comforts)

Bag it! Uhm, this is a really cool purse. I am a really cool girl. See where I’m going with this? (I apologize for totally forgetting where I found this. Sigh . . . )

Butterfly Redux. I was talking to one my neighborhood Sbux baristas today about her butterfly tattoo because I desperately want one. (Side note: To me the butterfly symbolizes God working to help you become who he already made you to be . . . as opposed to changing into someone else entirely. )Don’t know if the tattoo will ever happen, but this gorgeous hand letter-pressed print from the Keep Calm Gallery—which sums up my thoughts about the symbolism of the butterfly in a nutshell—certainly will. (Somehow I managed yet again to not write down where I found this. . . sigh some more . . . )

Stuff I Like (4/9/10)

The Office. I used to be a fiend about taping stuff into my journals—articles I liked, poems I loved, cool pictures. But lately those bits just end up in piles that end up all over the apartment and eventually disappear. Maybe I’d be better at the scrapbook aspect of my journaling if I had this lovely to hold my tape for me. I’m mean, it’s worth a try, right? (via design heaven)

What’d you call me? I’m a big fan of the locavore movement and try to patronize local farmers markets whenever possible. So it’s no surprise that I’m falling hard for this Outstanding in the Field dinner idea which includes not just a gourmet meal and wine but a tour of the host farm and talks from the suppliers. What’s even better is that some of the events are taking place in city gardens like Chicago’s Grant Park and NYC’s La Plaza Cultural. Genius. (via A Cup of Jo)

Map quest. I love this faux folksy interpretation of a map of the U.S.  by Oliver Jeffers. The handwriting makes it look like a kid’s school project, yet the background texture is definitely from the hands of someone who knows his way around a watercolor brush. I think this is the kind of thing that could work in a kids room (and it’s cool enough that you wouldn’t have to swap it out as the kid grew up) or I wouldn’t mind hanging it in the dedicated library I hope to have some day. (via aesthetic outburst)

Let’s go to your house. Love The Selby. Must get this book. That is all. (via cool hunting)

A banner day. I heart these Banter Banners, and can picture one strung up on a wall as a second layer over a collection of art that’s been hung salon style. Or perhaps dangling from a headboard or above a cozy bench that abuts a footboard or . . . uhm, so like I said, I heart these banners. (via A Cup of Jo)

Stuff I Like (3/28/10)

“On the Windowsill ” (Synneve’s apartment, New York City)

My Favorite Things. Some new titles to add to my wish list (as soon as I stop obsessing over Just Kids).  I’m the person at the party that heads to your bookshelves first, so I love these collections of essays on favorites by “directors, producers, actors, critics, writers, and poets.” (via Black*Eiffel)

You Missed a Spot. I heart Ebay. I heart vintage Paint-by-Number paintings. I heart this genius wall treatment inspired by a vintage Paint-By-Number from Ebay. Color me wow! (via design*sponge)

You Read My Blog. Thank You. This business-sized set of thank you cards is sweetly genius. And I love that you can add your own quote to the collection. (via cool hunting)

Easy Etsy. The muted palette of these pieces by Pigeon Toe Ceramics lets the shape of the objects really shine through. A favorite — the Mason jar lanterns. And how cool is it that you can also order plants (they’re air plants, I think) to go with your planters. Sigh and swoon . . . (via cool hunting)

You Don’t Call, You Don’t Write . . . I’m always happy to stumble on a new stationery source, and I’m in heavy like with the sweetly handmade aesthetic of Paper Pastries. I especially like the kraft paper book plates and the (frameable or sendable) “I Left My Heart in . . . ” cards. (via A Cup of Jo)

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