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Copyright 2015 Carrie Holbo Photography

Copyright 2015 Carrie Holbo Photography


Escape Into Life: Paulette Beete—Finding Her Father

Always Crashing: Four Poems

“Freddie Gray Breaks Free,” Watershed Review

“Othello Says His Final Goodbye to Iago,” Shakespeare Theatre Company

“Stigmata,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal (with audio)

Five Poems in Response to Romeo and Juliet, Beltway Poetry Quarterly

“The Makers of Memorials,” Tattoosday, The Tattooed Poets Project

Three Poems, Redux Literary Journal

“The Trouble With Love,” Poets are Present, Shakespeare Theatre Company

“Fan Letter,” Sweet: A Literary Confection (includes audio)

“On Poetry,” Open Letters Monthly, an Arts and Literature Review

“Dear Lovelies,” Found Poetry Review, June 2015

“In the Garden,” Beltway Poetry Quarterly

“Theme and Variations on a December Night,” Josephine Quarterly Spring 2013

“The Woman’s Wardrobe” and “The Maker of Memorials,” Beltway Poetry Quarterly (Poets in Federal Government)

“Ornithophobia,” Escape Into Life (Poetry of Fear)

Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Fall 2011 (with Sally Keith, Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Truth Thomas, and Abigail Beckel)

Escape Into Life

“skin, ocean,” Moondance

  1. Ellen E. Hyatt

    Dear Paulette Beete:

    I came across your name while rereading parts of the THE POETRY SOCIETY OF SOUTH CAROLINA YEARBOOK (2014). There, your name was listed among the judges. “Daffodils,” a poem of mine, was selected that year, and I never had the chance to thank you, in case you were one of the judges that read the round of poems for the Poetry Society’s “Dubose & Dorothy Heyward Society Prize.”

    Of course, I do not expect you to recall all that; however, I do feel it is rarely too late for an acknowledgment of appreciation. Please accept mine.

    Then, because curiosity is primarily a problem for cats who do not know the boundaries, 😼 I followed curiosity and looked your name up, hoping to find an email address. I found your blog. I read May 3 and found it authentic, capturing the way many feel from time-to-time. Then, I read the entry for today, May 4, and found it bravely authentic, capturing the way many are feeling most of the time these days.

    I can hardly do justice with comment to the passion and intensity you share, Paulette. Your ideas invite rereading and prompt much thinking. (Not intending to sound patronizing nor to be so public with a thank-you, I apologize if either seems the case.)

    All this to say thank you. Please do not be weary of gratitude, simple as it is when conveyed here. And please do “persist.”

    “Daffodils,” from 2014, tries to share image/idea/feeling that help, I hope, all of us to come “back tomorrow and another tomorrow” and “believe again.”


    Aren’t we all Wordsworth’s
    wandering clouds?
    Lone lives. Wonderers
    On another’s voicemail,
    in anyone’s blog,
    at the end of someone’s lens
    aimed at a BMW in the lot.

    But then the daffodils.

    No longer in crowds
    caught by breeze,
    seven from ten thousand,
    picked by you.
    Every stem once an each. Each
    united in your hand today
    invites us to believe
    here and now
    might last hereafter.

    All best and with good words for our “May Days” (pun, intended, when necessary),

    Ellen E. Hyatt

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Ellen and for sharing your beautiful poem. I really appreciate it!

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