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Spring seems to have sprung….right onto my back! (by the fabulous Bill at Ambrotos Tattoo)

Mmmm, cake! I’m not usually one to oooh and aaah over cake toppers (okay, maybe just a little bit sometimes…), but these L’il Cake Toppers are so adorable you don’t need wedding cake to enjoy them! (via a Cup of Jo)

Holy Handrolled Hermes, Batman! Just watch the video…and be amazed…and then get me a little something nice from Hermes to thank me for enlarging your fashion cosmos. (via a lovely being)

Pretty is as pretty….is drawn by the wonderful Cailtin McGauley. I want both the butterfly and necklaces prints! And is it wrong to use “Living Room” as a blue print for my own living quarters?

What a hack! So there’s this whole culture of IKEA-hacking going on in the wider world, where craftastic folks upcycle IKEA furniture to the nth degree. This is one of the prettier takes on IKEA-hacking I’ve seen. Instead of reconfiguring the assorted parts, the fantabulous Kim Hennessey (as +Fliffa Studio) uses the pieces as canvases. So you still have to put your Bekvam step stool together yourself when she sends it to you, but boy does it arrive looking all kinds of gorgeous! (via Aesthetic Outburst)

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