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Look! (2/14/10)

“Oh Froggie!” (Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland)

This mug used to be part of a set of four. I bought it in 1992 or 1993, when I was visiting my friends Sarah and Dean in Devon, England. Sarah, a friend from BU and the Huntington Theatre, actually left a couple of days after I arrived because her visa expired. So I spent most of the time knocking about with her British boyfriend Dean (who’s now her husband). One day we took a day trip to Exeter, which somehow involved stops at 7 or 8 pubs. I bought the mugs at a fair that was taking place at the town’s cathedral. I dropped them getting off the bus once we were back in Devon, and—over yet another pint of cider at the Wig and Pen—discovered one of the mugs was irretrievably broken. About a decade later, I gave one of the surviving mugs to my friend Marnie who was visiting from Washington state and wanted something to remember me by. And then there were two . . . which I hope to keep safe and sound for another decade or three.

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