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Letter From My 48th Year (Feb 16)

I am angry that too many politicians are again tweeting their thoughts and prayers palaver in light of yet another horrific, absolutely preventable murder of children. I am angry because they have reduced prayer to a platitude. Prayer is not a tweet. Prayer is an action. Prayer is a foundation. Prayer is a place to talk with God about your next steps. Prayer is a place to find your energy for the fight. Prayer is a place to find your strategy for the fight. Prayer is a place to find out what you need to let go of and what you need to take on in order to fight. Prayer is an action that shows itself in further action. Something always changes when you pray. Something inside of you breaks open. Something inside of you is healed. Something inside of you is shed. Something inside of you bursts forth. Prayer is a conversion of inaction to action. As I wrote on MLK Day, many of our great civil rights leaders grounded themselves in prayer. They knew that if they started with prayer they could make the world tremble. My prayer life has been nonexistent lately, and I need to take my own advice. I’m going to pray. And I’m going to refuse to believe that prayer is just an excuse not to act.

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