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Hitting the Links (9/16/09)

Wingsfor Web

Wings  in the breezeway at Ragdale Artist Retreat in Lake Forest, Illinois,  circa 2001

You can dress’er up. . . . I’m in serious heart with this vintage dresser, which I discovered courtesy of an Apartment Therapy house tour.

Take a breath. Okay, so I have two air purifiers that I never use because, well, they’re ugly. Maybe I can trade them in for enough cashola to buy this gorgeously organic-ish model, which I discovered by way of Cool Hunting.

Wallflower? So I’m still traumatized by the pink/green plaid wallpaper that hung in our kitchen in the house I mostly grew up in. Not to mention the hunting scene paper in my room and  the oversized foil floral in the master bedroom. (I liked the flocked shades-of-olive stripes in the dining room cause they felt nice.) But if I ever do splurge on wallpaper-aversion therapy, my first stop after I’m cured will definitely be Hang & Paste.

Guinness is good for you. Two of my faves in one–Hugo Guinness’s beautiful drawings and John Derian’s store. (And yes, I’m excited even though I’m really only catching a glimpse of the Derian store wall here.) Rumor has it that Mr. Derian now has a store in Provincetown, just one more reason why I need to get another fellowship there soon! (Thanks to dear ada for giving me today’s guinness fix.)

Don’t let the door hit you in the . . . A gallery of colorful and gorgeously rusted door hinges curated on Flickr by the fabulous ArtbyChristy. Can’t decide which one I’d actually want to hang on my wall as they’re all so evocative. Talk about “significant objects!” Think I may print them all and use them to jazz up my new office digs.

Domino redux? Launching this fall is Lonny magazine, an online-only decor mag from a former Domino editor. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

DIY to die for. Easy peasy how-to on creating a fabu fabric-covered headboard thanks to Grace the Groovy over at Design*Sponge.

Shady Lady. My friend Meaghan Mountford, who usually riffs on excellent edibles over at The Decorated Cookie, just bought a new house. Which means we get to “eavesdrop” as she puts her formidable DIY skills to use decorating her new digs, like making these nifty roller shades.  Given that this woman can draw Elvis on an Etch-a-Sketch, I’m planning on paying careful  attention.

Hitting the Links (9/25/09)

clever cupcakesweb

Golf cupcake tier by clever cupcakes from Flickr

First, I apologize to anyone who thought I was actually making a golf reference and is now dismayed to find out that it’s just little old me working some puns to entice you into my little old shelter blog. (And come on people–me talking about golf? Have you met me?)

Instead good folks, today’s blog will be a hurlyburly hodgepodge of the groovy tips and treasures that take my fancy as I take my daily passeggiata through cyberspace. Enjoy!

First up, by way of Design*Sponge, check out this gorgeous stationery from oh joy. Yes, yes, I know e-mail is quicker, but really, I can’t be the only one that appreciates having something show up in my mailbox besides my American Express Bill, can I? And with folders this pretty, I might actually file my receipts rather than just making a big pile of them in my closet to file “some day.”

Again from Design*Sponge, a round-up of reasonably priced hardware. Updating drawer pulls  or hanging a few decorative hooks to corral coats and such is the easy-peasiest of upscales. It’s especially handy if  you’re a renter like me who wants the design pick-me-up without the permanence. Upgrading the hardware is also a perfect way to put the “It” as in “I want it, need it, gotta have it” into your IKEA finds. (Hint: Anthropologie often has swoon-worthy hardware at thrifty prices on its sale page!)

Today’s house tour from Apartment Therapy makes we wonder why the heck I left Chicago, especially the gorgeous view of downtown from the ubiquitous Chicagoland porch. What I really love about this post are these priceless words to live by from Sarah & Steve.  “We’re finally at the point where we love pretty much everything we have. . . Since we started buying less and spending more time waiting for the right piece, our home has improved.”  I also heart the list of sources at the end of the article, which prove that IKEA, craigslist, and haute hand-me-downs can be a designing diva’s best friends.  By the by, my fellow leasees, note that this cool pad is a rental, which means  that “But my landlord won’t let me . . . ” is no excuse for not dishing design in your (temporary) digs.

Speaking of IKEA, I kinda fell a little in love with this headboard this past Saturday. (There were a couple of others, but the images don’t seem to be available online.) Now if I can only figure out how to sell my current bed—which was a present from my mom and sis—without having said mom and sis disown me, or worse, stop giving me their clothing/accessories/chick lit castoffs.

Lena Corwin is one of my favorite bloggers. I really love the visual lushness of her blogs and the spareness of text. (Which is kinda weird since I’m a writer, right?) And yes, I have blatantly copied Lena’s style  for many of my own posts. BTW, she and fellow artist Maria do lots of lovely partnerships–like their new Plants journal–which they sell on their even lovelier Web site Lines & Shapes. I’m thinking the Lena-designed travel poster will be winging its way to some folks for Christmas this year . . .

I have a glue gun. I have tons of fabric. Now I can have a groovy magnetic knife rack thanks to this DIY to-do from The Farm Chicks. So who’s giving me a ride to IKEA? I’ll treat for the cinnamon buns!

Full disclosure: I did not just “happen” to run across this next—and final—link in my “daily passeggiata through cyberspace.” I sought it out. For you. So you wouldn’t worry that my obsession with/stalking of 20× had abated. So here’s “Hot Dog and I” by Fernanda Cohen, which I’d really like to get because it reminds me of Ignatius J. Reilly and a particularly amusing section of John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces, but I’m not sure if good Christian girls should have pictures of naked men eating hot dogs on their walls . . .Sigh . . . .

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