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A Picture a Day (2/6/10)

“Self-portrait with snow and colorful hat” (Living Room, Silver Spring, Maryland)

In this photo, snow is only snow. This is, in fact, a story- about my vanity. Catching a glimpse of myself in the webcam as I turned away to look out the window, I decided to look  left rather than right, so that the left side of my face–with its darker patches of hyperpigmentation would not show. Then, I used the touch-up tool, to remove some hyperpigmentation fromthe exposed right side. If I knew how, I would have erased my double-chin. I’ve never thought myself particularly vain in photographs. I am she of the bright and cheesy smile no matter what. What has caused my vanity to leak  out here when I am the one holding the camera? I suppose we all are storytellers and liars both . . .

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