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A Picture a Day (1/28/10)*

“Leaving Town” (four views from Amtrak 19 between Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia)

It feels like I have always loved train travel, though I don’t think I rode my first interstate train till my late teens. I love that when traveling long distances on a train, you can actually see the terrain through which you are moving, unlike cars and buses, which offer unrelenting highways. It’s interesting that these photos are so frenetic when the train was, in fact, moving at a stately, meditative pace. For a few years, I had a habit of counting freight trains as they went by, wondering what was inside the sheltered containers, cars, grains, chemicals, men. Their mournful cries make me piercingly happy.

* Though I have been taking the pictures in order, I haven’t always been able to put them up in order.

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