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Stuff I Like (12/16/10)

Why yes, my sister (r) will murder me when she realizes I’ve used this photo in my blog.

Gosh Hang It! I know everyone’s on the open plan bandwagon but quite honestly I want even more walls so I have space for even more art. Like this South-of-France-ish guitarist.

Take a look-see. In a writing workshop, probably one of the worst things you can say to a writer is that they’re work is sentimental. But Russ Potak’s colorful paintings make a case for the sentimental, capturing a scene that–like Proust’s madeleine–conjures a piquant nostalgia for yesterday. What I love about Potak’s work is that feeling of really taking a long moment to look and notice and store away. He’s captured that fleeting image that erupts in your brain one day out of nowhere and brings a secret smile to your face. I’m particularly fond of Path to Robert Frost’s, By the Sea, and Break of Light. (via @doallas)

Brrrr…..The perils of working in a building that’s more than 100 years old is that the heating tends to be cantankerous and finicky. Which means it behooves me to make sure I have a supply of cozy neckwear on hand at all times. (Okay, it may also be true that I have a tiny bit of a scarf obsession, I mean maybe perhaps…sigh…) The point is that I sorta desperately need this lovely from Ancient Industries in my arsenal and how!

Put a sock in it! While we’re on the subject of obsessions, I might as well confess that I’m more than bit gaga for socks. Like these beauts. (Yes, yes, I know…I am now also addicted to the Ancient Industries website….sigh…)

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