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Look! (2/21/10)

“1 + 1” (Bedroom, Sligo Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland)

Here’s my Dylan Fareed letterpress print from 20× in a frame I bought at the Grace Episcopal thrift store yesterday for $1.00. I like how the baroque frame both contrasts with and complements the unadorned but rounded font of the text. You can’t tell from this picture, but the frame is gilded wood, which  makes me think of the actual wooden blocks used for handprinting. I was fortunate enough to speak with Dylan on Friday (for work), and I learned that his art practice is primarily about collaboration. So not only is it quite rare to have a piece for which he is both artist and printer, but the sentiment speaks very much to who he is as an artist (though, I think it was actually inspired by a love affair). It’s also a good reminder to me that sometimes I need to ask for help and stop going it alone all the time. Practice makes perfect (or something close), right?

A Room with A View




Under the influence of the William Eggleston show at  DC’s Corcoran Gallery of Art, I shot these pix of the view from my bed between 8-8:10 a.m.–more or less–on Friday, July 3rd. From top: Part of the LeSportsac, dangling earrings, and Frida Kahlo collections; IKEA chandelier; thrift store basket for wrangling chargers, microcassettes, and the like; Chinatown paper lantern, thrift store art, and inspiration page from a shelter mag; detail of a vintage Paint-By-Number (lighthouse and breakers) with one strand of the disco beads I repurposed into a minimalist-but-sparkly window treatment.

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