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Look! (2/12/10)

“Afterwards” (Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC)

These trees are on the plaza across the street from my office. I love how they are wrapped by mounds of snow. It makes me think of the decorative wraps people buy to cover the bottoms of their Christmas trees (is there a name for those—I’m drawing a blank).  They remind me too of candles sticking out of holders on a birthday cake. What precision—to cart away all of the snow but for these several mounds. I wonder if this qualifies as public art?

A Picture A Day (1/25/10)

“View of EPA from Old Post Office building,” Washington, DC

This is the view from the window in my office of the Environmental Protection Agency. Hidden through those arches is also the Federal Triangle Metro Stop. Most of the Federal Triangle buildings have red roofs. They always remind me of the state buildings in Paris. This photo sort of looks like it’s from an old filmstrip. Wow, does anyone even remember filmstrips? They were the highlight of my elementary school days.

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