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[T]his book is about all kinds of singing—songs of praise, songs of woe, choir singing, blues, jazz, birdsong.  And about finding, developing, training one’s voice. There are poems like prayers, litanies, incantations. There are prose poems, numbered poems, and even collage poems that mix voices, the poet as arranger of a new song.–Kathleen Kirk (Read full review here)

  1. I want to learn to sing better. I write lyrics with a musician and would like to be able to sing a solo. Haven’t done it yet because I need voice training.

  2. I write poetry too. I just published a book last October. I am so excited and happy about stumbling onto your blog!

  3. I am your Social Media Boot Camp group-I just wanted to say I love the image you have on this cover. It would definitely get me to open the book and find out more. Thank you for posting this. Beautiful!

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